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Ducksoup is just a mild-mannered reporter from Metropolis. Honest.

Hello! I'm Andrew. I worked here at Fandom on the Community Support team from March 2014 to December 2016. I loved working on the back end, but after a few years, I started to miss working with the community.

About Mr. SoupEdit

If you see me in the wild, it'll probably be at Smash Bros (Pikaaaa PIKA!), Memory Alpha, and/or 24. When I'm not being a dweeb, I love wandering around the city until I find someplace interesting to eat. I also keep in semi-shape by riding my bike up the steepest hills I can climb, as well as by telling San Franciscans that I'm a Dodgers fan and sprinting away from the angry mob.

Contact me (Or don't. Your choice.)Edit

My talk page is always yours to use and abuse. I also pop into Community Central chat on occasion and you can always use our Contact page for any general questions.

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