Primarily a game nerd. Secondarily a noob in life, work and emotional states. Tier III: strong mental state and idea factory, producing stuff none-stop for all interesting topics.

Oh and i'm pretty fact based... if you might excuse the obvious wrong-ity of that statement.

Language SkillsEdit

Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
This user has an intermediate level of English.

Despite the fact i am playing games in the following languages or using information from wikis and sites in these languages i can't speak, read or write them (properly):

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Got a message?Edit

If you got a message for me that SURELY must reach me... you are out of luck as i'm not into chatting anymore.

Considering postal adress(es), telephone number(s) and eMail adresss(es) private, so don't even ask. ;)

Wikia ActivityEdit

All related Wikias you may encounter me.



  • Monster Hunter (EN) since 13th February 2015 Also a fan of the game series, but one with not so much time lately, why grinding for every single armor/weapon piece is a pain in the butt. Will probably come back to it whenever playing one of the games.
  • Rune Factory (EN) since 28th July 2014 A fan of the series and will probably come back to the wiki from time to time.
  • Dragon Quest (EN) since 16th April 2013 Fan of the Monsters series of side games. Dropping in from time to time.


  • Galaxy at War Online (EN) since 18th July 2014 A Android game based on the popular ogame browser game. Not much else to tell you beside that it plays extremely similar, with (currently) less cash-currency dependancy and seems like there is a level limit on everything up to 20. The pacing also seems faster compared to ogame. Tables/Lists still require data and there i am. Game dropped after months of playing and wiki likewise dropped.
  • Hexyz Force (EN) since 16th July 2014 Wiki is already well developed, why there is not so much to do here. Found the game to be quite fun, altho short - if you exclude new game+ and playing to unlock 3-6 endings of course. Game dropped after one playthrough and wiki likewise dropped.
  • White Knight Chronicles: Origins (EN) since 6th July 2014 A game reminiscent of Monster Hunter, just with none-player party members and reduced to a hack'n'slash. There is also a huge material list of 868 items you have to fill (likewise on the wiki...). Game dropped after one playthrough and wiki likewise dropped.
  • Knights & Dragons (EN) since 15th January 2014 Being a knight you have to fuse tons of armor to make one Lv.99 epic armor your own... that's pretty much the grand goal. Otherwise bash mobs and players in an attempt to reach your grand goal faster dropped.
  • Blade & Mount (EN) since 21st January 2012 It's all about uniting Calradia as the one and only true king. Well... that or i joined the wiki for fun. :P - In reality this game takes years to NEVER complete the whole ordeal of becoming king yourself or uniting the land, as thus dropped.
  • PCSX2 (EN) since 18th May 2010 - Most recent Wikia i stumbled upon... about a favorite emulator and console. Wiki moved, content as well... new wiki sucks ~ bye bye!
  • Grand Fantasia (DE) since 17th May 2010 - The game is perfectly suiting me, but that wiki is a headache. lol... dropped.
  • Runes of Magic (DE) since March 2010 - Currently dropped, mostly was working on ressource tables there. (must be my habit to play around with tables xD)
  • Concerto Gate (EN) since 28th May 2009 - Dropped playing the game, therefore dropped work on this wikia as well.

Reading OnlyEdit

  • LearnAnyLanguage (EN) since 21st January 2012 Still interested in learning japanese, which is something i simply can't give up!
  • Human Science (EN) since 21st January 2012 Yummy stuff there... can neither fully believe religions, don't see much point in making science your only "believe" in life and... well this one seems to be much like an alternative. ~ Just with much more self study involved.

Additional CharactersEdit

Not found in my various Game Wikia User Pages.

Game Name Level Class Server Status Last Update
Digimon Masters Online (EU) Drakoner T-Lv.32 Agu-Lv.41, Gabu-Lv.19 Masaru Leviamon (First Server) Dropped 21st January 2012
Digimon Masters Online (KR) Drakoner T-Lv.21 Agu-Lv.36 Masaru 1 3/4 Dropped 19th May 2010
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