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  • I live in when I live out
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is pissing around
  • I am also against the fandom changes
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In: nerds, this is indeed not a real category but is intended to look like one

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Hello! Hi. I'm Dragonleaf5678, but I kinda hate that username, so I prefer to go by my real name, Ollie, or pseudo-username, Userpage_logo.svg. I've been active on Wikia ever since the 29th of July, 2014, which earns me a pretty big 3-year milestone under my belt, haha. Nowadays, all I really do is tinker with CSS and Inkscape, my graphic design tool, and create Top 10s and fanfiction on my home wiki.

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Wikia or FANDOM?

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  • Age: 97
  • Gender: Male
  • Time Zone: London
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  • Favourite Song: Sparklehorse - Piano Fire
  • Favourite Book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline ─ you might've seen the movie trailer for it, it is being directed by the Steven Spielberg after all!
  • Favourite Food: Lasagne
  • Favourite Colour: (am I seriously putting this here?) rose pink

My wikis
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Fan Creations · Moshi Monsters · D5678 (my test shenanigans)
i should probably put some help links here but nobody uses those lol
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