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  • I was born on August 30

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Welcome to my Userpage

Hello there. My name is Dragonknight86, but you can just call me Dragon. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am of Austrian, German, Irish, Dutch, and Polish descent. I am an ear musician, and currently play 16 Instruments total. My favorite instrument is the bass guitar, because it has so much potential sounds and beats in store. I can speak a bit of Spanish, and a tad bit of French. I can mainly be found at Albumpedia, Despicable Me Wiki, and/or Through the Hells and Back. If you need me, contact me through my message wall.

Emoticon_laughing.pngDragonknight86 | Message Wall 

List of Wikis I've Contributed To


  • Acentra Wiki (Admin)
  • Aircraft Wiki
  • Albumpedia (Founder)
  • Axis and Allies Wiki (Admin)
  • Bass Guitar Wiki (Founder)
  • Brickipedia
  • Brickarms Wiki (Admin)
  • Brickmania Wiki (Founder)
  • Brick Republic Wiki (Founder)
  • Castlepedia
  • Classic Cars Wiki
  • Coldplay Wiki (Admin)
  • Community Central
  • Corn Sky Wiki
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Wiki (Admin)
  • Cream Wiki (Founder)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival Wiki (Founder)
  • Despicable Me Wiki (Admin)
  • Despicable Me RP Wiki (Admin)
  • Dragonknight86 Wiki (Founder)
  • Dragonknight86 Sandbox Wiki (Founder)
  • Fanfictoku Wiki
  • G.I. Brick Wiki (Founder)
  • Gravity Falls Wiki
  • Guitar Wiki
  • Hogan's Heroes Wiki
  • Hogan's Heroes Fanon Wiki (Founder)
  • Hop Wiki
  • Illumination Entertainment Wiki (Admin)
  • Illumination Entertainment Fanon Wiki (Founder)
  • Instrument Wiki 
  • Lego Dino Wiki
  • Lego Kingdoms Wiki (Founder)
  • Lego Message Board Wiki
  • LSCStealthNinja Wiki
  • Madagascar Wiki
  • Military Wiki
  • Minifigure Wiki 
  • Minionpedia (Admin)
  • National Hockey League Wiki (Founder)
  • Nickelodeon Wiki
  • Real Life Role-Play Wiki (Admin)
  • Rock Music Wiki
  • Stories Wiki
  • SUPERRP Wiki
  • The Beatles Wiki
  • The Mystery of the Blue Moon Wiki
  • The Online RPG Wiki
  • The Rainbow Dasher Wiki
  • The Rolling Stones Wiki (Admin)
  • The Social Wiki
  • Through the Hells and Back Wiki (Founder)
  • Topography Wiki
  • The Traveling Wilburys Wiki (Founder)
  • TotallyAwesome Wiki (Founder)
  • Wolfenstein Fanon Wiki 
  • World War I Dogfighters Wiki (Founder)
  • X-Pensive Winos Wiki (Founder)



  • Communities - 57

Here is my current leadership statistics.

  • Founder - 17
  • Admin - 11


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