A system of peerage in the Confederate States was established in 2139 by that nation's fourth president, Edmund McConnell, who interpreted his position as head of state and the Constitution's lack of prohibition of granting nobility to permit it.

List of DukesEdit

Title Inheritance President Est.
Duke of Georgia Secretary of Education McConnell 2140

List of CountsEdit

Title Inheritance President Est.
Count-Burgrave of Atlanta Ten-year terms, appointed by President McConnell 2140
Count of Gwinnett Five-year terms, elected by mayors of Duluth, Grayson, and Lawrenceville, GA McConnell 2140

List of ViscountsEdit

Title Inheritance President Est.
Viscount of Auburn Lifetime, in the bloodline of Martin Luther King, Jr. McConnell 2140
Viscount of Druid Hills President of Emory University McConnell 2140
Viscount of Edgehill Chancellor of Vanderbilt University McConnell 2140

List of BaronsEdit

Title Inheritance President Est.
Baron of Winterville Mayor of Winterville, GA McConnell 2140
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