aka Ryuuikari (the Wiki God)

  • I live in Wikia
  • My occupation is Greatest zanpakutō creator on the Internet
  • I am ʍoๅๅoɥ
  • Bio Always look out for the lil wikis! They're the ones that need the most support!
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Superpower WikiContent ModInactive
Bleach WikiNoneInactive
Tower of God WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
GANGSTA. WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Sidekicks WikiFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminDormant
DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Mob Psycho 100 WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Gosuverse WikiFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminInactive
Bastard WikiFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminDormant
God of High School WikiAdminSemi-Active
White Epic WikiaFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminDormant
Minverse WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Nano List WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
unOrdinary WikiFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminDormant
Kenganverse WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Danberu nan Kiro Moteru? WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Hardcore Leveling Warrior WikiAdminInactive
Usogui WikiBureaucrat, AdminDormant
Batuque WikiFounder, Bureaucrat, AdminDormant
Darbi WikiBureaucrat, AdminActive
The Boxer WikiBureaucrat, AdminActive
Weak Hero WikiBureaucrat, AdminSemi-Active
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