aka pe

  • I live in the void
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Voice Actor / FANDOM editor
  • I am dead
  • Bio ENFJ/Saggitarius/Type 5

    Any gender you'd want to see me as

    Wont be online much on weekdays due to work

    My old account was Dawnsterplayz

    My only alternative account is toughtoffee

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abt I Edit

=== Kanji ===


=== Also Known As ===


</aside> we go again...............scroll down to see my about me. This is an copy and paste of my old bio.


my taste in music:

  • Vaporwave
  • Lofi
  • Alternative pop
  • Alternative rap
  • Alternative rock
  • Any alt music
  • Indie music
  • Rap
  • Jazz
  • Emo rap/emo pop
  • Electronic music
  • Phonk

Anime characters I kin:

  • Mary saotome
  • Toph bei fong (haha counts?)
  • Zero two
  • Tsumugi hirogane
  • Ciel phantomhive
  • Violet evergarden
  • Nagito Komaeda
  • Miu Iruma
  • Kyoko kirigiri
  • Luna lovegood
  • Mikan tsumiki
  • Maki Haruwaka
  • Killua Zoldyck
  • Vriska serket (not really but aha)
  • Nezuko
  • ezra scarlet

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Pinterest: @jocelynwastaken

Scratch: DawnSorioty

VSCO: iindigoss (alt acc: indigoparis)<aside class="portable-infobox pi-background pi-theme-wikia pi-layout-default">


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