aka Sabrina

  • I live in Connecticut
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female



Hi, I'm DangerousDangerously from Zeldapedia. You may also see me around Community Central. If you're seeing this template I don't regularly edit here. I may be stopping by to work on a Monobook theme for this wiki. Another reason why I may be here is because someone from this wiki has requested that I help with something.

Where can you find me?

You can find me at multiple wikis. My main wikis is Zeldapedia, a wiki focused around the The Legend of Zelda series, my favorite game series.

Need help?

I'm here to help so if you need help don't hesitate to contact me. I may only be passing by this wiki to clean up vandalism that I've seen. This isn't the only case of vandalism that I've cleaned up. I am not VSTF nor am I a Wikia Helper. I'm a regular user trying to help other wikis stay clean. I ask that you do not give me rollback or administrator as I do not plan to stay at this wiki. If the subject of this wiki interests me I may stick around, in which case I will remove this template from my userpage. In most cases I do not stick around. However, I get an email every time my talk page gets edited, so if you need to get a hold of me either message me here or on Community Central.


If you need help with CSS please message me on my talk page at Monobook Wiki.

Contact me
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