aka DZeP

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is a worker at the Krusty Krab
  • I am genderless.

Welcome to my Wall


My name is DZeP, and I am a teen from the Philippines. I started editing on FANDOM early 2019 on a different account, but made a new one because I wanted a fresh start. I am a fan of anime and video games. I am particularly fond of new generation shonen animes and video games that fall under the RPG or FPS genre.

Editing Help

I am available to help you in editing! Simply leave a message on my wall!

Other stuff

Hi there. I’m DZePEdit

Wikis I Own Edit

BEA4FFBF-D198-46D3-9AFA-3CA5728856D0 77975A83-83DC-4548-8732-7A3FC972CB3E 3227D683-DD22-44E8-BD69-70DD8EBDBC9A 58DC2FE4-B59F-4198-BA6D-58DDF89354F9 743CBF64-E7DA-4A2E-B7F3-6659071E2BE8 7B3246CE-D7B2-4A7E-84E4-75F5A18A85B6 853955B0-0CCE-4DF6-A2E7-CEE115ABBB3C 860C5C99-8E72-48B5-A998-8116CBFB9C5F DE3FFA82-2C52-49F5-8831-9A5C969B0888 B1F3B8F0-2D80-4184-8C9E-06C89CF81338 8D3CD72A-4E70-4C2C-800A-53AA438CC046 062A1303-16E0-4C32-BF15-E3B12C6A68F9 6146813F-2A41-4B18-9FD0-E23BD34AE622 BCE22730-7009-4694-8BA3-D7C33344A34C 57709ABB-0DC7-4784-89BD-6D13465AE6E7 40053D6E-0932-468D-9F66-41D2B19F2281 0F0C5477-E379-481D-A50D-F5E826063CD9 2CBA7068-23CB-407C-866E-DC0E54C033A0

Discord Edit

Join my Neptunia Discord Server!
Or DM me here: OraOraOra#1953

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