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Hi, I'm Dylan "DToast" Host the Community Manager, Safety at Fandom. Overseeing Trust & Safety from a technical aspect and started at Fandom in 2021.

One of the things I love about Fandom is the passion every user and staff member has for the community as a whole and what the advanced users can do with the tools they're given.

If you ever need assistance or have a question feel free to post on my Message Wall. Below are some helpful links that may steer you in the right direction as well.

  • Special:Contact - Where you can make requests to have things added to your wiki and for consultation on wiki leadership issues.
  • The FANDOM User Support Forum - A great base of user knowledge that can help you customize your wiki's templates and JS.
  • Help Pages - General documentation about the features we have here on Fandom.
  • Adoptions - If you've stumbled across a wiki that really interests you but there aren't any admins, you can request to adopt it.
  • Fandom Staff Blog - Product announcements and other important news.
  • Admin Tools Wiki - A great community dedicated to helping admins add scripts and tools to their wiki.