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In this article I will talk about what skills I have, which is painted in sections.

Programming languages[]

  • Wikitext — 3 level;
  • CSS — 1 level;
  • JS — 0 level.

Language skills[]

  • English — 2 level, sometimes I use Google translator, although I can speak it, although as with Russian, I can make mistakes.
  • Ukrainian — 4 level
  • Russian — 2 level, I constantly make mistakes


  • Content — for this I understand wiki markup very well. I usually use the same Google translator, although when translating into Ukrainian, I translate myself, sometimes using a translator.
  • Design — although I can sometimes not understand the design very well, but I can do something.
  • Communication with users — ready to have any discussion with everyone, I can also help some users if I can.