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This page is about all my hobbies, what I do and more. If you notice any errors, do not hesitate to correct them. I allow, like my other pages.


I like to watch videos on YouTube on the Internet. In addition, I admire this hosting - Fandom.


I play games on a tablet and on a computer, some games have been downloaded from the internet and some have been downloaded from Steam. This section is made in the form of a table.

Game What do I play? Image
No.Draw Android You need to paint the cells with the assigned colors on the palette at the bottom. An endless game in which it is usually impossible to save data. Now I left the game. No.Draw.png
Minecraft PC (formerly android) I started playing this game a long time ago. I don't remember when. I played on both the computer and the phone (later the tablet). I will not tell in detail. I don't play this one anymore, I used to actively edit on the Russian and Ukrainian wikis. Sometimes I play it. Now I left the game. Minecraft 1.3.2.png
Geometry Dash PC (Steam) (formerly android, recently left) My story is so long. I play so-so. Demons don't do very well, although I play well. Sometimes I bought some accounts from different people. And then later bought the game on Steam. Lately I have been playing a game sometimes. Geometry Dash Icon.png
Clash of clans Android My story in this game is very strange. I always leave this game, and after a while I come back. For now (09/18/2019) I have a full tx9, except for the pumped-up heroes. I have my own clan (#VYGUV8UG), which I download myself on three game accounts, playing in clan war 5x5. Chat is always in the logs about the increase; leaving and returning players to the clan. I used to leave and return to the game. On March 31, I decided to return to the game, and I still play. Clash-of-clans.png
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC (Steam) The story with this game is very funny. I started playing pirate and played for about a year (I don't remember the details). Then I tried to register an account on Steam, but could not (although at first I tried to set it up). Then some time passed, I registered, but did not download the game for a long time. Some more time passed, and finally I downloaded this game. I took regular breaks, but now I don't play at all, despite the fact that I sometimes come to the game to play for a short time, or for some purpose. I administer the Russian and Ukrainian wikis. CS Go.png
Case Simulator 2 Android Top game simulator, which simulates the opening of all cases from the game. The game is constantly updated. Of course, I used to leave and return to the game, but now I actively play it, collecting skins. I also use it as content for one article. Case Simulator 2.png
Keepsake PC (Steam) Game from my childhood, played a long time ago. After a while I wanted to watch the passage on YouTube, but I didn't know what the game was called. But after a while he remembered. Then after a while, when I had this same Steam, I decided to buy this game. It's not very expensive, but I bought it on Good Friday. Now I don't play it at all. Keepsake.png
Clash Royale Android I started playing these games many years ago. Sometimes this account was stolen from me by deception. I also left this game many times. The last time I didn't play this game for a long time, after a while I came back to this game because I like collecting cards. Maybe I'll knock out the legendary card :). I left the game. Clash Royal.png
Defender II Android I played this game when I was still in school. I saw my classmate play this game, after which he also started playing. I downloaded and deleted it several times, I also used to play a broken game for a lot of money. Now I left the game. Defender II.png
Car Crusher Android I started playing the game at the end of June 2020. The game is interesting, addictive. I left the game. W 160 car-crusher-ico.png
Outlast/Whistleblower PC History as with CS:GO. I started playing this game with a pirated version. Then I gathered skills, and passed the game even in the «Crazy» mode. But on July 7, 2020 (my birthday) I bought a game on Steam (so far only the first). Sometimes I play it, I even translated the game into Ukrainian. Outlast.png

Outlast 2 PC I also learned about this game a long time ago, but I first watched the passage of this game from Kuplinov Play, killerent and DempseyLow. I bought the game as well as the first version of the game, and downloaded it on July 11-12. I've been playing it a bit lately, but similarly to the description from the first games, I also translate it into Ukrainian. Maybe I'll go through it in «Crazy» mode? Outlast 2.png
Cell to singularity Android A simulator game in which you need to multi-click to buy a large amount of something so that you can quickly receive currency offline. I don't play it actively enough, but I still don't forget about it. Cell to singularity.png