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  • I was born on January 7

Micah Bell (RDR2)


My name is Cyanide3 and I am an active member of the VSTFs (Cleaning up Spam and Vandalism on various wikis) and the German ConVol, which is a group dedicated to helping abandoned Wikis and writing news and blogposts.

About me

Beware, I am drinking coffee, throwing glass jars of German beer on people and I can sit on my notebook for a long time. I work efficiently, I am patient, and in most cases polite. If you have any questions, feel free to write them on my message wall, but don't hit me with a golf trophy if I am not able to give you an answer within the next few hours (Source).

Besides from my life on Fandom, I enjoy playing Ingress (that thing before Pokemon GO) and various videogames, wasting my time on 9gag and wasting my money on comics, LEGO and action figures from the Transformers-Franchise.

Useful Links: Contact WikiaWhat is a VSTF?Report Spam/VandalismWhat is Vanguard?Portability on Wikia

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