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Hi folks! I'm an avid user of Wikia because it opens up an opportunity for users to give their input on website pages. I am currently the bureaucrat for a couple of wikias for online games I play or used to play. I have limited to no experience with JS or CSS and rely heavily on the support staff and community here on Community Central - Wikia. Those folks have been super with their advice, help, and general all around "pulling my you-know-what" out of the preverbial fire!

Our sites are unique in that we create actual websites for those pages where we want our users to have the ability to interact with us in a way that regular html pages aren't capable. If you're not super trained in dynamic webpages or coding, then you just might find yourself discovering a unique way to blend a mixture of html and wikia to make your site more accessible to your users. We fully support wikia's recommendations for pages hosted using their platform and hope you'll find use of our layouts for new ideas.

Thanks goes to Monchoman45 for freely sharing his signature code. If you see me on, please say hi and feel free to toss advice my way, I'm a sponge!

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