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I am trying to start a programmer's toolkit here, limited to MUMPS. Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System is an ANSI standard language that has had many companies that implemented it.

MUMPS today is limited essentially to Intersystem's Caché product line (encompassing more then simply MUMPS now) as well as G.TM for Linux. (Openmumps and freemumps also exist but I do not know enough about them to create OpenMUMPS nor freemumps here.)

Since the language definition itself is so simple, it is logical to expand this project to cover not only the implementation differences between 15 or so vendors, but also to cover the VA's VistA product line. Starting from the public domain/FOIA information on the VA's website, documenting all the APIs, as each new package comes out, may become less painful. If chooses to add their content as well, fantastic. If not, then I'll start from the most recent FM programmer's manual. Having a couple hundred people keep a repository up-to-date is much more likely to happen.

As the RPCBroker section is expanded there, I expect copious links to our sister-city (I haven't checked that out yet, but it seems painfully logical.) The languages are not related, but the interface between them is precise.

I intend for this content to be GFDL.

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