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#<nowiki> ~~~~</nowiki>
#<nowiki> ~~~~</nowiki>
2. I'll have my eye on you... <span style="border-radius:2px;padding:5px 7px;background:#ced7e5; border-top:thin solid Green; border-left:thin solid green; border-bottom:thin solid green; border-right:thin solid green; font-size:12pt; "><font face="Lucida Handwriting">[[User:FireworkYT |'''FireworkYT''']]</font>__[[User talk:FireworkYT |<font face="Bradley Hand ITC">'''(Need help? I will be glad to help you!)'''</font>]]</span>[[w:c:showpidea |<span class="plainlink" title = "This user is a Showpidea administrator i!" style=" color:orange; background-color:yellow; padding:4px; border-top:thin solid Orange ; border-left:thin solid red; border-bottom:thin solid Orange; border-right:thin solid Orange; font-size:12pt; ">Wiki Rules!!</span>]] 00:08, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

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  1. ~~~~

2. I'll have my eye on you... FireworkYT__(Need help? I will be glad to help you!)Wiki Rules!! 00:08, March 11, 2017 (UTC)


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