aka Commodore

  • I live in 1, Vault Road, Town, Aberoth. Is that sad?
  • My occupation is Gamer, Comic Book Lover And Very Frequent Wikia User.
  • I am Getting my pencilcase out of the recycling bin with a fishing rod... Okay, male.
Vandal Scum!
~ Commodorelm

D'You think I just got off the bus from Stupidsville?!
~ The Landlady from "That Darn Cat"
( o.o)
(U U )

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Hi! Edit

Welcome to my profile!

I sometimes add to this Wiki, As well as The Undertale Wiki. Also, I'm a very active contributor on The Aberoth Wiki, (Where I'm like the #1 most targeted user to be vandalized, such as adding pictures of Shrek to my profile there.) And I run The Mafalda Wiki, which is in Spanish and just started about one month ago so there's not much content. Also, I'm an bureaucrat on Teh Meme Wiki and on The Lego Star Wars III Wiki. Please feel free to add to any of these wikis!

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