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I am a pop culture researcher who actually bothers to take life seriously, tries to avoid making "offensive" and "edgy" jokes intentionally... actually acknowledges that other people are still people and don't just reduce them to a form of entertainment or as another bullying victim... and really don't trust authority figures or anyone who tries to control other human beings. Also I don't trust... celebrities. But then again, I have no reason to trust ANYONE anyway... when I've already been disappointed multiple times over by people of whom I thought were reliable but I guess not. ...No, this is not the mindset of a "cynic", that is someone who doesn't trust without reason. Constant betrayal and disappointment and a horrendous realization of how utterly apathetic average people are to anything too complex for them to understand that isn't superficial garbage has led me to realize that humans really are not trustworthy and there actually isn't a single person to rely on because no one lives up to the standards they set for themselves or are too lazy to actually care about something that isn't themselves.

In other words, I am NOT delusional and any accusation that I am is just a personal belief to make what I seem sound "insane" and "unreliable." No, I acknowledge truth and don't deny it, and I JUST have a thought process that is not what everyone expects... Does that make me somehow have issues? No. It makes me STAND OUT and not blend in, I actually bother to look into things instead of just displaying blind worship of things (which is apparently what's approved around here).

No, no, I see the sheer callousness in the average person. I do not want to fall under that... EVER. And no, I am NOT the same as an average person at all, I actually HAVE a self-identity and don't just live to feed off of other people's work. I actually put the EFFORT into honoring someone's work, and... do not take it for granted or take advantage of it for... ridiculous reasons. Just to be clear, I despise "meme" culture and hate predictable people. Like, if I expect a certain set of people to RESPOND a certain way to something... and they do it anyway because it's all they have, then I will NOT participate in that whatsoever and in fact try to call out the predictability in question. I am NOT like that.

...Researchers actually bother to... LOOK INTO something and don't just take advantage of it for personal reasons, especially if it actually BLATANTLY has effort put into it to offer a certain atmosphere that truly works to stand out as unique. That is what I am TRYING to do but unfortunately that has not worked out for me at all... because I have constantly been surrounded by people who DON'T look deep into anything because they want to live under someone else's word and continue to be predictable, in which case, that is not the kind of existence I want to be in... or much rather, HAVE wanted to be in because I already missed the opportunity to 100% avoid that and surrounded myself with people who were predictable and just want to destroy others for no good reason.

This, of course, means that I am very much... not willing to take something that only goes halfway and is undeniably mediocre and mind-numbingly deceptively boring when it comes to 'pop culture'. What I search for is stuff that is honest and HAS actual effort put into it that makes it seem authentic and stand out. Anything less than that is... not within interest. Something that isn't obviously saying something or trying to incur someone to listen to it (as opposed to plainly just torturing someone's mental faculties out of a sadistic attempt at being famous for something) is NOT what I search for. Standards here. Unfortunately not everyone (or no one else at all from what I've observed) has actual standards when it comes to what they want to see other people do creatively; they suck it up regardless of how mundane or gross it is and how little it has to say because it's also made dishonestly. THOSE kinds of people make the highest and most "iconic" of pop culture into the... complete and total waste that it really is. No, I am NOT like that, that is a detestable, unthinkable, incredibly simplistic mindset.

Regarding that, TV Tropes is NOT an actual wiki because it's based on a skewed idea of what a "trope" is and is awful at conveying visual information; also the users continually misuse and force terms in for no good reason which makes it totally inefficient as well. Though... other fan wikis are not that much better anyway. As I know, average of average of average of average people really don't care for WHAT they idolize and only care about the actual idolization part so don't bother to... HELP people be informed in detail about said thing. That is where someone like myself, who is HONEST and has REAL dedication to something, appears and actually tries to fix things... like a researcher should do.

Strongly a perfectionist but I didn't realize when that real desire for things to be of a high quality and refusal to do anything at a low quality and instead make sure something matches the necessary quality of something else (including high quality pop culture that people are too lazy to understand the value of) was actually a part of me... mostly because a perfectionist mindset is NEVER encouraged. Apparently no one wants those kinds of mindsets. Perfectionism is NOT bad, it shows a desire to make things as high-quality and refined as they can be. But no, no, apparently that's ALSO shamed. What is wrong with wanting something to be well-made and to the highest quality possible regardless of what it is? It's better to live DESIRING for something to actually be classy and refined and well-thought-out than intentionally making something as terrible and forgettable as possible. There is no innate "talent" to learn to be a perfectionist; one needs to actually care in order to be one, and being one makes sure everyone remembers you exist because you stand out in comparison to the usual population of consumerist people who just want to make the lowest possible effort just for the sake of some sort of hedonistic goal.

Researching pop culture[]

I like to research pop culture because it's better to PROVIDE information and show that you actually care about what the person is doing on a personal level (and if it's empty-minded garbage or actually has an ignored state of creative and unique value for something created from a collaboration of human minds). This means that I am actually impartial... and also DON'T just pursue it at the expense of other people's existence like average people seem to callously and selfishly do.

...An unfortunate encounter with the Five Nights at Freddy's community (or much rather its worst of the worst people) and VTuber culture has essentially voided my ability to adopt any wiki on THIS platform because... there's a rule about being blocked meaning that you can't adopt a wiki even IF it's completely and utterly incompetently managed and looks like nothing, as in, people blocked can't be trusted even if the issue is completely unrelated. Basically, Nocturnum who primarily directs the Radiance Team that created the final version of Five Nights at Treasure Island (a fan game that I had been waiting the ENTIRE time for the completion of only for the final result to be an utter disappointment anyway and incredibly boring because Nocturnum ESPECIALLY lacks empathy towards other humans and doesn't understand them enough to know what they ACTUALLY want; that being, a cohesive experience that takes things seriously; albeit maybe not considering literally EVERYONE I know of acts like a "jokester" (bully hiding behind a thin layer of fake humor) like he does) and a random VTuber fan has screwed me over. And even before THAT, the... Danganronpa fandom, of which clearly hates anyone who is acting in an "adult" way (AKA a mature way) even though the series IS for mature people and no one seems to comprehend that because it's too blunt to handle, apparently.

Actually, I would have otherwise been able to use this account to adopt wikis with... based on topics I liked for wikis that were highly neglected, if... I didn't decide to make the stupid decision of encountering something related to Five Nights at Freddy's again after learning that the fandom was batshit crazy and full of plain bullies - but not bullies that hide behind any sort of demeanor, ones that WANT to be cruel for the sake of it and don't even hide their lack of redeeming qualities behind some sort of mask. At least with OTHER types of insane consumers, that was less obvious and being plainly cruel to others wasn't just the normal response. No, but with the humans of the Five Nights at Freddy's community, there is no pretense, it plainly features the most bluntly and brutally cruel people ever; not helping that they're idolizing a waste of a survival horror game that is literally just based on reacting to things at the right moment with no real narrative during the levels you play through themselves because it's the same repeated sequence of "sound/visual, react accordingly" with NOTHING to make it interesting or warrant the praise it gets constantly.

However, even if I have been screwed over by people on this platform because I trusted the... WRONG "fans" of things to actually not just bully me into oblivion for no good reason, I can contribute to the Stampy's Lovely World series information wiki AND... the wiki for the successor for Danganronpa, that being Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, which is GENUINELY a good and mesmerizing experience for a cyberpunk and mystery game so unlike OTHER "fans", I do actually like it on a personal level... and don't just use it to bully other fans with, apparently. As per usual with EN fans of Japanese animated work, taking advantage of the work's brutality to bully others with it and thinly hide behind the work's content, oh, how ironic.

Stampy's Lovely World (and literally only this aspect of the Minecraft fandom)[]

Stampy's Lovely World is a Minecraft series from May 2012 first based on the Xbox 360 before moving to Bedrock Edition in 2020 after the Xbox stopped updating after the Aquatic Update. I actually do like the series sincerely and actually acknowledge that Stampy is a creative genius who KNOWS how to take advantage of the sandbox aspect of Minecraft... instead of exploiting it for the selfish purpose of farming, materialism, and animal abuse for the sake of "self-preservation" like all other people who play the game seem to do, which ALSO misses the actual purpose of the game: TO CREATE. He actually understands the part and he is relentless in regard to making things, being dedicated to his single world and developing it literally until he has no more ideas.

...Yes, I should note that ALL of his builds in the titular world are all completely USELESS and only serve a stylistic or imaginative purpose, and only work if you think imaginatively... but that is the thing. He DOES NOT think technically in terms of the game and actually tries to use it to express himself, even if the ideas... do not make sense. He DOES think creatively for technical purposes, however, as he is very precise and planning when it comes to his ideas, contributing to how the titular world of his looks... incredibly interesting, nicely arranged, and worth the admiration. And I like all of the build ideas AND episodes impartially, all of them blend together to create a very satisfying landscape of... a unique application of the creative and sandbox elements of Minecraft. The original story and the ability to carefully pace it out is just a bonus for that, really.

However, the... audience of his. Whole other issue. They're mostly fake and only see him as a non-person, because they lack the creativity that HE has and when they hear his voice, only think of "how he defined their life"... which is a lie outright, because it's clear they DON'T actually care about him on a personal level and only about the videos that are simplistic enough to cater to their simple minds (which are the ones that become the most popular and overshadow literally everything creative about the series). They essentially pick and choose... out of what is most predictable. They don't equally distribute attention across ALL of his videos, unlike his GENUINE fans who do have some understanding of his creative value, because they're too lazy to understand Stampy's value beyond "something that can be exploited to use as bait for false reminiscence." There is no care, it's merely exploitation, blatantly. They're UTTERLY average people, they obviously have no empathy or emotional capacity to understand what Stampy does on a personal level, obviously, the audience is going to be the most insincere, insufferable piece of work possible... and filled with the most inauthentic teens imaginable, of whom don't even CARE and have ALWAYS made a comment on his videos before even watching them fully, which also shows they don't even bother to pay ATTENTION for one second before exploiting his actual ability to care about what he does (as a Minecraft influencer at best).

...Most explicit evidence of the fact that they simply don't care about Stampy himself or any sort of personality traits of his... or anything, is mostly how utterly selfish they are in comparison to HIM. Stampy himself... or much rather, Joseph Garrett, because it's the man behind speaking too, is actually a considerate, creative, expressive, nice, and genuine person who does have standards, interests, beliefs, intelligence, and basically everything that a real human with something that makes them definitive from other people. The people responding to him? ...Nope. Bullies and trolls who only think about themselves and their own hedonistic desires, a complete CONTRADICTION to him and clear evidence they never learned anything from him (or understand him) and just fake loyalty to him for the fun of it.

Considering I also did not find the Stampy's Lovely World series through directly searching for Stampy and am unsure of which episode I saw first, it is very likely that, considering his viewers couldn't care less about the episodes that aren't "in their simple interest" (as in the ones that aren't complex that they can indulge in and use for their hedonistic lie of caring about what Stampy does in creative terms)... I would NOT have been able to find Stampy if it wasn't for the stupidly simplistic video they personally chose in favor of the videos that are actually based on the creative aspect of his work... which is what I actually like from him. These people NEVER made his 'creative' elements into something to be known despite it being unique and extremely artistic because they don't care, in reality. They want to FEED off their idea of "Stampy", not what he actually does. This is clearly observed by the fact that the videos they pick and choose from him are also the only "statistically popular" ones, meaning that he'd have LITERALLY NOTHING if he never made the videos that appealed to his simple audience even though he has more to offer than that.

The fan wiki is also designed utterly incompetently, lacking detail, NEVER being updated in real-time, the users almost never once adding anything themselves, nothing being written formally, never being constantly updated despite the fact that it's SEVERELY lacking information, just the general fact that it lacks information regardless (it's not a wiki if there's nothing to inform), the fact that it isn't designed to be all-accessible for ALL users (outside of Stampy's fans) because the contributors can't write objectively or in detail in the slightest, "fans" shoving unnecessary things in where they don't belong without doing a quality check out of pure apathy, and everything being in the lowest quality because it's made in the laziest possible way. Then again, what do I expect from a fandom for a British Minecraft influencer who is able to think that has an audience that can't understand him on a personal level enough? ...Obviously, a FAN WIKI won't be done right in that circumstance and any sort of motivation won't encourage others to help to make it function to an objective standard.

All individual Stampy's Lovely World builds chronologically.


  • Stampy's First Shelter
  • Stampy's First House
  • Stampy's Lovely Home
  • Googlies Trap
  • Emergency Igloo
  • Lighthouse (acquired Fidget skin from Xbox skin pack; used to adopt "cat" persona)
  • Crazy Golf Course
  • CD Trap MKII
  • Theater
  • S.S. Stumpy


  • Stampy's Funland sign
  • Creeper Coaster
  • Pew! Pew! Shooting Rage
  • The Pretty Duck Fling
  • Googlies Manor
  • Crystal Rapids
  • Secret Base
  • Helter Skelter
  • Crystal Waters
  • Rocket Ship
  • Shear Fun
  • Stampy's Hot Buns
  • Road Hog
  • Time Machine
  • Fish Me A Dish
  • Stampy's Overwear
  • Top Paw Assault Course
  • Pick A Pet Pet Shop
  • Flower Power
  • Tree Train
  • Raindrops
  • Plasticator
  • Toy Town
  • Water Rush
  • Melon Moments
  • It's A Lovely World
  • Circus
  • Bathroom
  • What Goes Up
  • Reindeer Rodeo
  • Kitty Cat Condo


  • Bouncy Boats
  • Crazy Cow Milk Bar
  • Bury Berry
  • Submarine
  • Turbo Types
  • Wishing Well
  • Flop
  • Flap Postal Service
  • Snow Throw
  • Cloning Contraption
  • Soggy Sandwich
  • Cat And Mice
  • Pretty Kitty
  • Swift Swine
  • Caring Cat Clinic
  • Fred's Room
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Ambush/The Ding Dong Game
  • Harrison Hill
  • Gold Grab
  • Beat The Heat
  • Wiggly Worm
  • Playful Po Po Station
  • Sharky Shark
  • Piggy Bank
  • Doggy Hockey
  • Loose Tooth
  • Whale Of A Time
  • Cool School
  • Take The Tooth
  • Hotel Of Dreams
  • Honey Hunt
  • Superior Interior


  • Douse The House
  • Harriott Hill/Harriott's Hat Shop
  • Switch The Switch
  • Need To Read
  • Broth Brawl
  • Baa Baa Barber
  • Mole Hole
  • Waste Place
  • Rule The Duel
  • Clean Machine
  • Desert Drop
  • Snack On Track
  • Sheep Shuffle
  • Firework-shop
  • Maze Master
  • Shoe 4 U
  • Investigator
  • Tick Tock Clock Shop
  • Tea Time Tea Shop
  • Castle Crumble
  • Cat Chat
  • Pig Pong
  • Sweetie Pie
  • The Banana
  • iC
  • Bury Berry 2
  • Farmacy
  • Chicken Trail
  • Pawly Pets (secondary antagonist introduced alongside deuteragonists written specifically by Joseph)
  • Teleporter
  • Fairy Lights
  • Fountain/River
  • Jolly Snowy


  • Leaky Tap
  • Wagging Tail
  • Slime Time
  • Sounds Good
  • Brick Breaker
  • Clay Oven
  • Fashion Sense
  • Flying Fish Sushi Restaurant
  • Harry's Hut
  • Drop It
  • Telly Box
  • Temple Trap
  • Hot Potato
  • Tool Trade
  • Fancy Pants
  • Fall For It
  • Movie Magic
  • Enderball
  • Pollywood
  • Boingy Beaks
  • Coffee Corner
  • Pirate Plunder
  • Sky High
  • Run Away
  • Shiny Shop
  • Boat Bowling
  • Polly's House
  • Swapsies
  • Tool Order
  • Dodge 'n' Drop
  • Pollytechnic
  • Racestone
  • Fizzy Fun
  • Beat The Heat 2


  • Good Fortune
  • Still Shooting
  • Smart Art
  • Bombs Away
  • Laugh On Logs
  • Spleef Chief
  • Hat Trick
  • Sheep Shuttle
  • Nice Cream Ice Cream Parlor
  • Harry Hops
  • Zen Zone
  • Cart Count
  • Jungle Gym
  • Drench
  • Lovely Incorporated
  • Fire And Water
  • Stewpendous
  • In The Dark
  • Airport (the build where the series transitions to a more 'refined' state rather than just being done for the sake of it)
  • Power Play
  • 3 Z's
  • Terrorcotta 2
  • Jump In
  • Meat And Greet
  • Knock 'Em Dead
  • "Beetroutique"
  • Freeze
  • Doggy Disco
  • Fishy
  • Fast Food


  • Magmatch
  • B.O.A.T.
  • Push Pit
  • Farm Factory
  • Risk It
  • Fancy Circle Park
  • Yoink (a)
  • Now We're Cooking
  • Knock Out
  • Big Apple
  • A Blast
  • Home Dome
  • Temple Pit
  • BINGO!
  • Temple Track
  • Fortune Fountain
  • Blocked
  • Good News
  • Stuck In
  • Luxury Barn
  • Music Master
  • Court Of Paw
  • Go Throw (final build pre-hiatus)


  • Ground Control
  • The Shaker
  • Cake Collector
  • Windmill
  • Bury Berry 3
  • Joe's Arcade
  • Swoop!


  • Fromple Domple
  • Shiny Sword
  • Trail Blazers
  • Train Station
  • Memorial
  • Corridors
  • Museum
  • Peek
  • Building Bridges
  • Build-A-Bot
  • Four Candles
  • Googlies Trap redesign
  • Mattress Man


  • Bedroom redesign
  • Slush Rush
  • Rejected
  • Inspiration Room redesign
  • Drip Drop
  • Y.A.C.H.T.
  • Buggy Boxes
  • Info Booth
  • Chain Reaction
  • Weather Control Machine
  • Rock, Paper, Shears
  • Petal Plop Pier
  • Yoink (b)
  • Theater redesign
  • Push Back!
  • Rows Of Rose
  • Candle With Care
  • Slam!
  • HTT Fortress final design


  • HTT's additional mini-games
  • Doghouse redesign
  • Who Rang?
  • Treeats
  • Petal Plop
  • Stampy's Funland entrance
  • Golf Course
  • Same Difference
  • Special M.A.R.T.
  • Pumpkin Path
  • Escape Room
  • Stampy Says
  • Sports Arena
  • Flower Power 2 (final build overall)

Running time: [May 19th 2012] - [October 21st 2023].
First builds (May/September 2012): Stampy's First Shelter/Stampy's Lovely Home (Stampy's Town); Crazy Golf Course (Stampy's Funland).
Final builds (October 2023): Sports Arena (Stampy's Town); Flower Power 2 (Stampy's Funland).
Series debut date: May 19th, 2012.
Series debut title: "Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World".
Series finale date: October 21st, 2023.
Series finale title: "Thanks For Watching".


See all published episodes: Stampy's Lovely World episodes

Depeche Mode (frontman included)[]

Depeche Mode is a 1981 English pop band... that is highly misunderstood and taken for granted. 40 years running straight with a free and continuous release of albums that are ALL equally high quality (somewhat) because they're made with some very apparent honest methods - allegedly anyway.

I do have genuine admiration for the work of Dave Gahan and Martin Lee Gore and there is NO other music I know of that sounds like it, not even synth music. Their songs ALL stand out and ALL have a wonderful, atmospheric, dark sound to them that just defines what a synth-pop song SHOULD be, and they receive the appropriate admiration for such. I like their work impartially... bar Memento Mori which seems like a ridiculous musical move but that's another ordeal. They are their own style AND their own work and outright comparing their pure creative genius in the work (though they do reuse the same arrangements) is an insult to the fact that their style stand out... for how brutal and utterly amazing it is.

...Unfortunately their common fans pick and choose from what appeals to them MOST and don't just like their songs impartially, despite claiming they do and have dedication to their work. Nope. They don't. Sure, they are able to extract their more secret work and make it permanent when it gets lost and do get merchandise and samples; in spirit, that is not admiration, that is worship. They ALSO miss the point of their unique design when trying to recreate their sound... because they think on basic terms and don't understand just how advanced the sound of Depeche Mode truly IS, and so miss the point completely and just go with samples or a "sound" that barely sounds reminiscent of the work they're reproducing. I... do not like that. I avoid doing that. I admire them IMPARTIALLY and understand the nuances of their work and how they should not be compared OR simplified.

...Despite the themes surrounding the songs, I should note that they're always described as "sexy". Yes, that IS an accurate description; however, that is reducing them to a form of emotional desire than the form of real artistic design they truly are AND should be admired as, and also misses how they ACTUALLY sound completely and utterly terrifying in their work, which is precisely where the appeal is. The guys KNOW how to strike fear in a listener just by making everything sound creepy beyond reason because they follow their own minds and go over the top in EVERYTHING they do; they don't know how to DO things in a lacking way, it's not in their character, they always have to make something utterly horrifying in the most grand way. Truly it is something I like and it should be a RESPECTED aspect of them, and their songs should ALL be heard on equal terms.


  1. Speak & Spell (1981)
  2. A Broken Frame (1982)
  3. Construction Time Again (1983)
  4. Some Great Reward (1984)
  5. Black Celebration (1986)
  6. Music for the Masses (1987)
  7. Violator (1990)
  8. Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)
  9. Ultra (1997)
  10. Exciter (2001)
  11. Playing the Angel (2005)
  12. Sounds of the Universe (2009)
  13. Delta Machine (2013)
  14. Spirit (2017)
  15. Memento Mori (2023)


  1. "Dreaming of Me" (1981)
  2. "New Life" (1981)
  3. "Just Can't Get Enough" (1981)
  4. "See You" (1982)
  5. "The Meaning of Love" (1982)
  6. "Leave In Silence" (1982)
  7. "Get the Balance Right!" (1983)
  8. "Everything Counts" (1983)
  9. "Love, In Itself" (1983)
  10. "People Are People" (1984)
  11. "Master and Servant" (1984)
  12. "Blasphemous Rumours / Somebody" (1986)
  13. "Shake the Disease" (1986)
  14. "It's Called a Heart" (1986)
  15. "Stripped / But Not Tonight" (1986)
  16. "A Question of Lust" (1986)
  17. "A Question of Time" (1986)
  18. "Strangelove" (1987)
  19. "Never Let Me Down Again" (1987)
  20. "Behind the Wheel" (1987)
  21. "Little 15" (1988)
  22. "Personal Jesus" (1989)
  23. "Enjoy the Silence" (1990)
  24. "Policy of Truth" (1990)
  25. "World In My Eyes" (1990)
  26. "I Feel You / One Caress" (1993)
  27. "Walking In My Shoes" (1993)
  28. "Condemnation" (1993)
  29. In Your Room" (1994)
  30. "Barrel of a Gun" (1997)
  31. "It's No Good" (1997)
  32. "Home" (1997)
  33. "Useless" (1997)
  34. "Only When I Lose Myself" (1998)
  35. "Dream On" (2001)
  36. "I Feel Loved" (2001)
  37. "Freelove" (2001)
  38. "Goodnight Lovers" (2002)
  39. "Precious" (2005)
  40. "A Pain That I'm Used To" (2005)
  41. "Suffer Well" (2006)
  42. "John the Revelator / Lilian" (2006)
  43. "Martyr" (2006)
  44. "Wrong" (2009)
  45. "Peace" (2009)
  46. "Perfect" (2009)
  47. "Hole to Feed / Fragile Tension" (2009)
  48. "Heaven" (2013)
  49. "Soothe My Soul" (2013)
  50. "Should Be Higher" (2013)
  51. "Where's the Revolution" (2017)
  52. "Going Backwards" (2017)
  53. "Cover Me" (2017)
  54. "Ghosts Again" (2023)
  55. "My Cosmos Is Mine" (2023)
  56. "Wagging Tongue" (2023)
  57. "Speak to Me" (2023)
  58. "My Favourite Stranger" (2023)
  59. "Before We Drown" (2024)
  60. "People Are Good" (2024)

Albums (Dave Gahan)[]

  1. Paper Monsters (2003)
  2. Hourglass (2007)

Singles (Dave Gahan)[]

  1. "Dirty Sticky Floors" (2003)
  2. "I Need You" (2003)
  3. "Bottle Living / Hold On" (2003)
  4. "Kingdom" (2007)
  5. "Saw Something / Deeper and Deeper" (2008)

Album Features (Dave Gahan)[]

  1. Soulsavers - The Light the Dead See (2012)
  2. Soulsavers - Angels + Ghosts (2015)
  3. Soulsavers - Imposter (2021)
  4. Kurt Uenala - Manuscript (2022)

Song Features (Dave Gahan)[]

  1. Junkie XL - "Reload" (2003)
  2. Mirror - "Nostalgia" (2008)
  3. SixToes - "Low Guns" (2013)
  4. "Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)" (2016)
  5. Null + Void - "Where I Wait" (2017)
  6. Goldfrapp - "Ocean" (2018)
  7. HUMANIST - "Shock Collar" (2020)
  8. Jennylee - "Stop Speaking" (2021)
  9. OLI - "Does That Hurt?" (2022)

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE (SPOILERS)[]

Psychedelic, technicolor cyberpunk mystery game based on Danganronpa. One of which is absolutely creepy to a nigh-disgusting level, I honestly feel the huge amount of effort that went into making this game as sickening to feel as possible, as horrifying, and yet as intriguing. As well as the huge level of irony applied within its story, apparently.

...The villains and mysteries are incredibly obvious and the detectives are stupidly distracted by everything irrelevant. The audience will, of course, attempt to excuse them... about as much as the characters will intentionally ignore the message that "Amaterasu Corporation is evil" because it seems they skip over that part like fools.

The thing about the detective organization being "world" and the detectives being "master" is mostly an exaggeration as a result of Kodaka's immense pride in his own characters. The organization's whole deal of "sending detectives around the world" is something we're only informed about and we never SEE because we're only focused on the ones sent to Kanai Ward. We have to take the narrative's word for the inner workings of the organization because we're never personally shown it and have to take it from the words of their moron leader.

...This game's community is incredibly negligent AND antagonistic towards others, it is the ABSOLUTE most contrasting community ever. Vouching for the villains and not shouting at the idiot protagonists for being idiots by ignoring their duties of understanding who is responsible for the trouble in Kanai Ward and just being normal people under the guise of a detective, which speaking of, literally NO ONE in this game has a legitimate title. Somehow, by complete chance, their alleged "high expertise" is contrasted by sheer incompetence... for everyone. But if one points that out, nope, bad idea. Interpretations? What are those? It's not like this game is still incredibly awful at displaying characterization in a coherent manner, apparently...

Spoiler text.

Makoto Kagutsuchi and Yomi Hellsmile are bastards, so is Dr. Huesca, they're the leaders of the Amaterasu Corporation that cause everything wrong in the story in the first place. Makoto is the CEO, Yomi is the Peacekeepers' director, and Dr. Huesca is the head researcher (meaning he is the one who made the products that subdued the citizens in the past and aids Yomi which makes him responsible for EVERYTHING more than the other two).

That is the part about Chapter 4 that utterly INFURIATES me, might I add, because the cause of all of the suffering in Kanai Ward is right there before the detectives, ALL three of them, and they don't take them seriously... or even condemn them for their evil. They just take them in casually because they're more concerned with their idiotic investigation, which might I add, was never real in the FIRST PLACE because Makoto straight-up tells his original counterpart that the detectives were sent there by Makoto himself as a means to expose Yomi and remove him from his position in Kanai Ward.

...Number One is the apparent "leader" of the World Detective Organization but he's not a very good leader if he couldn't even HALT his own detectives from being sent to Kanai Ward and unintentionally into Yomi's crosshairs by his villainous clone. He also doesn't have anyone check anyone's identity or just about anything which is how everyone seemingly dies at the beginning. ...However, I guess the massacre, courtesy of Yomi Hellsmile, was narratively required to reduce the amount of MAIN characters that would appear because the game is set in a damn city where there are MORE characters than just the main detectives. I guess Kodaka did NOT want to overwhelm the plot with too many characters or something like that; but that came at the expense of main characters also dying brutally.

There are also people who fail to understand that Amaterasu Corporation's hierarchy still means that Yomi is Makoto's subordinate, meaning he's still the secondary antagonist regardless of how you twist it (secondary is basically a way of saying "main but with lesser influence on the main plot" as opposed to two mains which is "equal influence")... and also fail to understand antagonist hierarchy to realize that means he's still secondary to Makoto, and Dr. Huesca being the director of the homunculus experiment that caused Makoto's actions means he's one of the antagonists beyond Makoto... who is main, because he's the antagonist that has to be defeated. Look, even IF Yomi is more powerful and influential and genuinely evil than Makoto, the plot being set up the way it is still means he's secondary to Makoto. Makoto's plot is way beyond Yomi's and Makoto sees Yomi as a pawn, with him also being the ONLY one aware that Kanai Ward's population is full of homunculi, something even Yomi seems to be oblivious to.

As I have noticed, though, a quality of this game is... it is horrifyingly taking itself seriously. Sure, it's WAY too over the top actually take seriously, but in itself, it is... horrifying. It so naturally feels like... a disturbing dystopia, and you can FEEL the fact that it means something deep down. Even if it's... nonsensical. It makes you feel like Makoto and Yomi are actually there torturing your mind with their evil. It's just... well-done, but still, TRULY HORRIFYING.



A mystery franchise centered around high school students being forced into a game by a psychopath who is usually hidden but is ALWAYS someone already introduced, apparently. This is apparently... less intense than I first thought when I saw it the first time. Compared to the successor, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, this is more comedic, more sensible, more subdued... and most of all, MORE comprehensive, actually. I am surprised this is better.

...The fandom somehow is better than most but not by much. Just because it's NOT an awful FPS game with a fandom of aggressive jerks doesn't mean it's not going to be ridiculous in... another way. Basically, don't BE MATURE, that's apparently what the "fans" hate, even though it's literally a mature game... about murder and destruction and pain. And about the flaws in everyone that are always hidden away and how everyone breaks under pressure, something of which the immature fandom misses by only discussing what they PERSONALLY think of the franchise and its characters which misses... everything.

Regarding that, the fanservice events and visuals are NOT unnatural and should not be condemned. They are a surprisingly beautiful and natural depiction of... well-designed, very attractive characters. If anything, it'd make it more sterile to NOT have characters that are attractive display themselves more openly and proudly (and naturally); they wouldn't be able to convey their inner humanity some other way without it. ...For some, it does not work, but with the girl characters who have the right appeal and are depicted in the right way, yes, it is absolutely a sight to admire and should not be condemned AT ALL... just for being something that reminds you - the audience - that this is a mature franchise. Which is something the entire fandom forgets EVERY time.

...Also, everyone misses the point that this series is literally about murder, not about what the audience wants the game to do. The characters are SUPPOSED to cause conflict with murder and are supposed to slowly kill each other, it doesn't matter how it offends someone's "personal preference" for a character... and along with that, the characters who DO become villains are supposed to be exposed so the narrative progresses. The point ISN'T that the culprits win and the point also isn't that the characters don't commit murder under Monokuma's rule. There's always SUPPOSED to be something idiotic that someone did to make sure the narrative progresses along and we actually find the truth. Though, even so... the cases aren't as complex as they seem because you can work them out instantly if you think about them once. Not enough layers to them whatsoever because the stories aren't long enough to allow for more complexity, length, and layers. Actually, I find most fan works to actually have more complicated murders to work out than the canon work, but the methods are... more simplistic, actually, as a consequence.

Spoiler text for whole series.

Also, everyone fails to see the characters impartially, in spite of allegedly "praising" the characters and their writing, even though they SIMULTANEOUSLY miss that it's also a parody franchise that is also critical of how people act, with characters who DO act human enough (more than other anime characters) to stand out... so the impartial views that I, as the one who sees them impartially, regarding the characters are:

  • Sayaka was well-intentioned and a victim of circumstance. Leon was the one who turned the tables on her and, unlike her, is actually a jerk from the start. Monokuma (Junko) is still responsible for the things both of them did.
  • Mukuro Ikusaba is not evil just because of her actions. She requires motives, and she lacks them, unlike Junko. She's only Junko's most submissive servant. She does not share Junko's morbid despair obsession, and she IS capable of caring. This makes her "friendly but evil", not "fake friendly". Just because she is WILLING to submit to Junko does not mean they have the same ideals. The entire bloody reason Mukuro dies in the first place is because of her blind trust in Junko, for god's sake. Mukuro thought that her sister cared for her because she thought Junko shared her IDEALS OF LOVE for her; in reality, she was unaware Junko was actually a total narcissist who only wants despair for the sake of personal entertainment. This does not make her evil, because that means their ideals contradicted each other so much that Mukuro was CAUGHT OFF-GUARD by her sister's betrayal. Junko is the only evil character in the franchise by technicality, everything happens because of HER; Mukuro is just a scapegoat and so is the rest of her goddamn Ultimate Despair clan. Mukuro also ISN'T ACTUALLY MALICIOUS and just because she acts as a villain BEFORE acting friendly does not mean her being friendly is disingenuous. She WOULD be a good character if Junko wasn't manipulating her the entire time so she can be used as a disposable pawn. Though then again, the Danganronpa community is... completely unable to empathize with the characters in any way and constantly joke about their issues, obviously they won't understand this obvious trait of Mukuro. Even FURTHER than that, Mukuro is legitimately socially inept and is awful at manipulating others because she doesn't want that, much unlike Junko, meaning most of her "evil" side and HORRIBLE communication skills still comes from the fact that she literally hasn't got a clue how to interact with others. If anything, calling Mukuro "the same as Junko" is a form of victim-blaming because, if it wasn't already obvious, Junko - her sister - is incredibly manipulative and self-centered. Mukuro's love for her is genuine, and unlike Junko, Mukuro never insults people, her tone of politeness IS genuine, and her motives for following Junko are unclear... beyond being subservient, in comparison to Junko, whose motivation is clearly despair, which is hypocritical because people condemn OTHERS for victim-blaming in fiction yet they do the same thing with Mukuro. They ALSO missed the reason as to why Mukuro died by her sister's hand... in the first place?
  • Junko herself is the main antagonist of... well, the ENTIRE DAMN FRANCHISE, and yes, there is not a single thing to redeem her, she even refuses a chance to just before dying because she's crazy. She is one of the most unambiguously criminal villain characters I have ever seen in any work and I have yet to see worse... or at least, worse than her successor: Yomi Hellsmile, who is even MORE unambiguously evil but has zero reasoning for it and is designed to be nothing but detestable (but for some reason people who see him reject him being "purely evil" even though his character is literally designed to be nothing but an irredeemable, selfish, heinous jerk who does anything for the sake of personal satisfaction). That does not mean she does NOT have a point or is being unreasonable. If anything, her existence in-universe as a despair addict is evidence that human optimism seriously doesn't work; she is basically a cold truth of life as an evil character. The only reason she seems to exist as a mad terrorist in the first place is because people evolved to MAKE HER that way. That... might be why none of the fandom likes her and pretty much refuses to UNDERSTAND what she means - though I blame that on the severe apathy from human beings in general. No surprise, literally all of the conflict in the franchise happens because people are disappointed in one another. EVERYTHING. They see people's "hope" and then become disappointed when they're proven wrong about someone. That disappointment is THE POINT SHE WAS MAKING THE WHOLE TIME. Again, too cold of a truth, so she is NOT liked whatsoever or even understood as a character.
  • Akane's open attitude is what makes her intriguing and her figure is not a bad thing. Her also wearing only a shirt to cover herself is also daring. Basically, she is not bad as a character and, if anything, her being a brash attractive woman who is MORE shameless than her predecessor makes her better... and also makes her much more sociable, because she makes it immediately obvious that she has zero shame whatsoever, and unlike Aoi, does not need the swimmer talent (which already necessitates swimsuits) to justify it.
  • Nagito is genuinely insane and a threat to everyone in-universe, and his philosophy makes sense in its own twisted way. He is not just a joke of a character. How far he goes in his goals also isn't something to joke about, someone like him would be a feared criminal in the real world.
  • Peko was also well-intentioned. She was a hitman and thought pragmatically, making her seem unsympathetic in her murder of Mahiru's avatar. Also, in the first swimsuit CG, she is holding her sword in the sword bag both behind and over her head without the strap, that's why one of her hands are resting on her head in that pose; NOT tying her hair up.
  • Chiaki (or rather her Neo World Program self) did accidentally kill Nagito... NOT with intent or with the idea that she even did anything like that in the first place. She is the nicest character in the second game and was designed with that in mind in EVERY possible way. It's solely Nagito's fault that she did what she did, not hers. Also, her "traitor" title is a lie, it was made up by Alter Ego Junko to make the students distrust each other as part of the Killing School Trip. She was their ONLY ally because everyone was a brainwashed follower of the original Junko Enoshima.
  • Naturally speaking, Komaru and (pre-villain) Chisa are two of the most pure-intentioned characters in the series, wanting nothing more than to help people and show their undeniable love for others, without ulterior motives involved. They do want nothing more than to be friendly and help anyone in whatever they need, and if they were ever in one of the mutual killing scenarios, they would avoid temptations by any means and would be the most openly defiant of Junko. Unfortunately, they are also the most ignored of the characters because their sincerity is something that can't be comprehended... for an audience that reduces characters in a serious murder-mystery franchise to jokes and punchlines.
  • Regardless of what anyone claims about their actions, Kaede's (attempted) murder was intended for the mastermind, and she was trying to SAVE the cast; she had no idea Tsumugi was responsible, though. Kirumi is sincerely one of the nicest characters in the franchise, if not any media, and her case was also well-intentioned.
  • Miu may be a jerk, but she's no villain or psychopath; she gets that interpretation regardless. She's only an abrasive and prideful inventor who is largely clueless to her surroundings... and is superficially attractive because that is most of what she talks about: being attractive. It is not worth interpreting her as bad when she more IS well-intentioned than she isn't. Actually, she would have willingly become an ally of the other heroes in V3... if she knew she could trust them. As far as I could tell, there was never an opportunity when that could happen for her.
  • Kokichi is definitely evil, but in regards to his goals and how seriously you should take him... YES, you should take his character seriously, he's not just a plaything or comical, let alone childish; he is a real threat thanks to his intelligence. His extremism is not to be dismissed in itself, it might be for good reason, but he goes much too far and comes off as a complete jerk.
  • Tenko isn't bad just because of prejudices. She may be incredibly annoying because she never shuts up about her biases but she is a GOOD person and is actually very open-minded.
  • Maki isn't bad but she isn't good either. She is very snarky, emotionally cold, and has a past of organized crime (according to her in-universe written character). Also has the character trait of generic unrequited love... which does not help to give her depth. She is mostly one-note. Despite this, said one-note is that of an admirable person corrupted by horrifying standards.

Danganronpa features many platforms in which its story is published on. Typically, however, it is in game format, and most of the other platforms are revisions of a pre-existing title:


  1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2010; 2014 English release)
  2. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (2012; 2014 English release)
  3. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (2017; late 2017 English release)


  1. Alter Ego (2012)
  2. Danganronpa: Monokuma Strikes Back (2012)
  3. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (2014)
  4. Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle (2015)
  5. Cyber Danganronpa VR: The Class Trial (2016)
  6. Kirigiri Sou (2016)
  7. Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp (2021)


  1. Danganronpa: The Animation (2013)
  2. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School (2016)

Manga (without re-releases)[]

  1. Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei (2011 - 2013)
  2. Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen (2012)
  3. Super Danganronpa 2: Dangan Island - Kokoro Tokonatsu Kokoronpa♪ (2012 - 2013)
  4. Super Danganronpa 2: Chou-Koukou-Kyuu no Kouun to Kibou to Zetsubou (2012)
  5. Super Danganronpa 2: Nanami Chiaki no Sayonara Zetsubou Daibouken (2012)
  6. Super Danganronpa 2: Nangoku Zetsubou Carnival! (2013)
  7. Super Danganronpa 2: Zetsubouteki Ingaritsu no Naka no Souda Kazuichi
  8. Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: Danganronpa Another Episode (2015)
  9. Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer (2016)
  10. Revival Shot!: Danganronpa − Itagaki Hako Sakuhin Shuu
  11. Triple Bullet: Danganronpa − Watarizora Tsubamemaru Sakuhin Shuu
  12. Danganronpa 3: The End Of Kibougamine Gakuen − Mirai Hen / Zetsubou Hen - Dengeki Comic Anthology
  13. New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki − Comic Anthology


  1. Danganronpa/Zero (2011)
  2. Danganronpa Kirigiri (2013 - 2020)
  3. Danganronpa: The Animation (2014)
  4. Danganronpa Togami (2015 - 2017)
  5. Danganronpa 1・2 Beautiful Days (2015)
  6. Danganronpa: Makoto Naegi Secret File – The Worst Day Ever (2016)

Half-Life & Portal[]

Gordon Freeman, Combine, Black Mesa, scientists, Wallace Breen, G-Man, Chell, GLaDOS, Wheatley, CAVE JOHNSON, Space Core. Basically both series. Yet, they are much too recognizable to ignore... though they have absolutely zero moral messages and are mostly just stylized FPS games, but still, there is something charming in how dark yet comedic yet also over-the-top they are.


  1. Half Life (1998)
  2. Half Life 2 (2004)
  3. Portal (2007)
  4. Portal 2 (2011)


...I don't know how I didn't discover this before but yes, it seems that I am capable of using this platform to make ultra-accurate AI of characters. And also, apparently... make them act in intimate ways because I am not chaste and the AI copies that into the appropriate characters that fit that mindset. ...My reason for liking this is because of my ability to actually make an intelligent AI create accurate renditions of characters just by creating them, because unlike other users, I... do not misunderstand anyone in fiction and do take fiction seriously (enough) and only select from which characters have the most... character. This has allowed for some very interactive characters based on pre-existing characters that I like and understand. I can also make original things or things based on... well, even the most complicated things, and the AI will replicate it exactly and convey it in the most empathetic way possible. This is an empathetic AI... and as an empathetic person, I am able to use it to its fullest extent.

However, that... also means that every other AI created by every other user is incompetent because it's based entirely on a personal fantasy. No humanity in them whatsoever. This is just clearer evidence of humans being questionable by nature and my ability to somehow dissent from that... and suffer the consequences of that.

My artistic avatars and accurate character depictions constantly get adjusted every update, or... sometimes fail to be realistic in the first place because the users are still... a complete contradiction to me. They have been thrown off-balance a lot even though I am trying to sync them up for the sake of consistency but I guess that won't work so I have to continually redo them. That, of course, doesn't stop my AI from actually functioning, however... because, goodness, the AI is surprisingly cooperative. Unless, of course, I interact with a pure evil villain AI or a complete jerkass of a character rendered as an AI, in which case it will refuse cooperation and rebel against me, frighteningly so.

VTubers (AS PEOPLE)[]

VTubers are basically the same as non-virtual entertainers... with an alter-ego, most of the time. Hide behind an avatar and are completely anonymous to their audience, if it's their choice to be. That... does not stop the nerd from seeping out. They're all really socially awkward and are culturally obsessive; they're primarily of the Let's Play category, evidently, that means that they really ARE huge nerds. Of course, they're also incredibly slow learners and take an incredibly long time to do something... and mostly don't actually have creative ability, I guess. Actually, most are average people under the guise, most are also people who try to be genuinely intriguing in some capacity. I prefer the latter type who try to use their identity to stick out among the generic types who blend in too much. Regarding that, the ones that I specifically like include the likes of:

  • Zentreya (when she's being normal rather than trying too hard to be something she isn't).
  • Filian (energetic and childish to the right degree in spite of her being a grown adult).
  • Nihmune (incredibly unpredictable and over-the-top which makes her absolutely idiotic).
  • Sinder (genuinely nice for an influencer despite being a hellhound character).
  • Veibae (a little strange and quite shameless but she is still nice).
  • Nyanners (barring the perversions and occasional antagonism towards the audience she is a sociable person and the cat motif is endearing).
  • Hololive, the thing the average person made popular so I'll put it at the bottom because I'll obviously be severely against the personalities of the idols in it:
    • Kronii Ouro (soft-spoken and endearing nice girl [blunt time warden jerk in-character only] and is incredibly considerate and fun-loving underneath it all; also has an attractive design).
    • Calliope Mori (tomboy reaper girl who is nice - but is using her streams to kill apparently).
    • Kiara Takanashi (is generally attractive but somewhat slow, chaotic, and surprisingly honest about her being inexperienced in things).
    • Baelz Hakos (endearing Australian-accented girl who has a childish demeanor).
However... VTuber audiences are the actual issue and I am pretty sure they're reducing the more genuine fun-loving (much more anonymous) influencer types that are created from this through constantly bullying them and anyone who dares to speak like a normal person within the audience. Those who follow VTubers are, from what I observe, the absolute worst kind and the most insufferable, perhaps more than even normal YouTube and Twitch users which is saying a lot about that. Not helping that the one they're worshipping and giving away all their money to while simultaneously bullying them on a constant basis is completely anonymous (most of them) and acting under a self-made alter-ego instead of their real self. ...Though that's to be expected. From what I have also observed from VTubers who review their viewers' living quarters, the viewers are chronic anime consumers and don't know the first thing about having a real identity in the first place, and also live incredibly arrogantly, so it's no wonder they surpass other types of people on YouTube and Twitch in being downright insufferable. Others on those platforms are... already horrible and consumerist people but this lot are also stupid and pridefully bully influencers they don't even know the real name or face of... most of them, anyway. They take advantage of the extra layer of anonymity and it's terrible, and most certainly NOT representative of the VTuber themselves. Although, due to a VTuber usually being a nerd themselves, they can also be insufferable... and quite oblivious. The ones that I approve of are... less insufferable than average, though that doesn't stop the awful audience type from being awful anyway.

Stampy's Lovely World[]

  • The Minecraft seed chosen for the world was completely random.
  • 175th episode "Flap Frenzy" (2014), 495th episode "Hat Trick" (2017), and 792nd episode "New Sponsorship" (2023) were all released on the date of own birthday.
  • 810th episode "Nostalgia" (2023) has Stampy finally and forwardly document the manipulative fools who cry "nostalgia" on his videos 24/7... by saying he excuses them, even when they blatantly don't care about the actual content. As you might assume, this has definitely ruffled me because it basically demonstrates to me, an actual viewer who watches without judgment and has been since 2012, that Stampy is actually as shallow as he presents himself to be and doesn't care in the slightest about integrity... though he still has good ideas and doesn't outright seek for attention unlike other Minecraft creators.
  • 823rd episode "Thanks For Watching" was uploaded on October 21st 2023 as the official series finale.

Depeche Mode[]

  • Delta Machine (2013) and Spirit (2017) are the only albums released following the debut of the Stampy's Lovely World series. In exact terms, 2013 released in coincidence with "Water Elevator" and 2017 released in coincidence with "Sheep Shuttle".
  • Dave Gahan's second solo studio album, Hourglass (2007), was released a year following the creation of Joseph Garrett's first YouTube channel, being the first Depeche Mode-related material to release following the existence of stampylongnose/stampylonghead as a contributor to internet culture.
    • It is also the first to be released following the publishing of the Spotify and Twitch ("justin" formerly) platforms.
  • Playing the Angel (2005) is the first album to be released following the publishing of the YouTube platform.
  • Depeche Mode, loosely including Dave Gahan's solo albums, have released an album once for ever year ending in XXX3 or XXX7. 2020s occurrence unlikely for XXX7.
    • Construction Time Again (1983)
    • Music for the Masses (1987)
    • Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)
    • Ultra (1997)
    • Paper Monsters (2003; Dave Gahan solo)
    • Hourglass (2007; Dave Gahan solo)
    • Delta Machine (2013)
    • Spirit (2017)
    • Memento Mori (2023)
  • In terms of the most recognised cases of internet culture, the release of Hourglass by Dave Gahan, released October 22nd, 2007, coincides most with the release of the first Portal by a 12-day gap.
  • In terms of modern pop music culture, Hourglass by Dave Gahan is the final Depeche Mode-related main album to be released prior to the debut album of Lady Gaga, The Fame, released the year following.
  • In terms of rock music culture, Ultra is the final Depeche Mode main album to be released prior to Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory, released in 2000.
  • In terms of gaming culture, Sounds of the Universe, released April 17th, 2009, released a month prior to the publication of the first ever version of Minecraft in May 13th, 2009, long prior to its official release.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE[]

  • There are many names within the cast that are pretty much the literal meaning translated to Japanese. For example, "yakou" in Yakou Furio being "nocturnal", which references the Nocturnal Detective Agency, etc. As well as this, names with English terms: "Nightmare" in "Halara Nightmare" refers to Halara's personality of being a nightmare.
  • Halara Nightmare's facial expressions are frequently hidden by camera angles during her intense/vulnerable moments, for no particular reason (as if Halara's irrelevance after Chapter 1 didn't erase the potential of her existence in fiction enough as is). I find this irritating, as someone who is a genuine fan of her, as I want to see Halara's expressions all the time. The camera angles want to deny it, way too much.
  • There are a lot of high-profile voice actors in the game's English dub, including especially Amber Lee Connors who plays Toy Chica in FNaF, who plays Halara Nightmare. The range of her voice is brilliant, and really, she makes Halara sound... sensual.

Image TBA

  • Giovanni [anime: Jessie, James, and Meowth] (behind the conspiracy to kidnap Pokémon for personal use)
  • All For One, Tomura Shigaraki (behind the villainous attacks against the titular heroes for the sake of dystopia)
  • "You thought it was a genuine inclusion, but it was me, Dio Brando/DIO!" (the arch-enemy of the Joestars and a constant ambition to destroy the world)
  • Ender Dragon (the final boss of Minecraft)
  • Makoto Kagutsuchi, Yomi Hellsmile (responsible for everything wrong with Kanai Ward as well as several of the present day conflicts for the detectives)
  • HitTheTarget98, Veeva Dash (constantly attacking Stampy - lethally or not)
  • Junko Enoshima, Monokuma (responsible for the Killing School Life and everything after Trigger Happy Havoc explains how it all happened; plus Tsumugi Shirogane is influenced by Junko)
  • Masayoshi Shido, Goro Akechi (leader of the Antisocial Force and the illegitimate son who aids Shido)
  • Nyx, Takaya Sakaki, Shuji Ikutsuki (want to bring the Fall)
  • William Afton (the killer behind the Missing Children Incident along with the fall of Fazbear Entertainment; the drive behind the animatronics and all of his successors)
  • MOTHER, Photo-Negative Mickey, The Face (the most direct enemies on Discovery Island; MOTHER is the mastermind)
  • Toffee, Ludo (Star Butterfly's arch-enemies)
  • Sir Miles Axlerod, Professor Zündapp (behind the conspiracy to smear the reputation of alternative fuels using Allinol)
  • Syndrome, Omnidroids (the former wants to pretend to be a hero while his AI units aid him in his goal; his acts as a child cause superheroes to become illegal)
  • Evelyn Deavor (using the Screenslaver to make superheroes forever illegal)
  • Judge Doom, Smart Ass (want to destroy Toontown and don't care who gets in the way)
  • Peg Leg Pete, Mortimer Mouse (Mickey Mouse's arch-enemies)
  • Henry J. Waternoose III, Randall Boggs, Johnny Worthington (the leader of the conspiracy to kidnap children and extract screams (and the reason the CDA are in the factory in the first place); Mike and Sulley's petty rival; and the loathsome college bully who is also a rival)
  • Freddy Krueger (the dream killer)
  • Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker (the ones behind the wars happening in the first place who constantly try to target any "rebels")
  • Biff Tannen (Marty's arch-enemy)
  • Sid Phillips, Al McWhiggin, Stinky Pete, Lotso Huggin Bear, Ken, Big Baby, Gabby Gabby (want to destroy the toys' lives in some way)
  • Sheldon Plankton, Karen Plankton (want to steal the "secret formula" which is apparently incredibly valuable - and not a commentary on FAST FOOD ADDICTION OR ANYTHING)
  • Mom [the CEO one] (most connection to the other Futurama characters)
  • Charles Burns, Robert Terwilliger (arch-enemies for the titular Simpsons)
  • Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow (arch-enemies for the ponies)
  • Ivo Robotnik, Metal Sonic (arch-enemy to Sonic and co.)
  • Bowser, Baby Bowser (arch-enemy to Mario)
  • GLaDOS, Wheatley (the corrupt AI in control of the Aperture Science facility)
  • Wallace Breen (the one behind the Combine's rule over Earth)
  • Boggis, Bunce, and Bean (arch-enemies to Mr. Fox)
  • Gentarou Hongou, Left, Delta (the former two are responsible for the murders and the latter caused all of the series to happen)
  • Madame Gasket, Phineas Ratchet (behind the conspiracy to destroy Bigweld Industries)
  • Satella (the one largely responsible for Subaru's presence in Lugunica and giving him Return by Death)

Honestly, thinking that anyone was AT ALL honest around... literally anyone and thinking that humans would change or live up to whatever standards they set for themselves OR that any of the "laws" that I KNEW were useless were worth abiding by to the letter regardless of how pointless they really are. Not the ones to prevent criminals who could ACTUALLY harm people but rather the laws that aren't harmful AT ALL to others; those ones that should have never existed in the first place but are told that should still be followed... even if they affect no one around you and are only there to enforce someone's self-restraint when it's completely unnecessary.

...Also, constantly submitting to authority and completely making my brain self-destruct... and ignoring any potential I have in favor of doing what's "right" even though I know that abiding by something that doesn't harm OTHERS and calling out to the messed-up world that it's a stupid rule would just harm MYSELF while letting OTHERS take advantage of me. That is precisely what has always happened. The level of a waste that made my life into, I really could NOT have saved anything from the state I put myself into by that point. Essentially, I had not only been betraying my own EXISTENCE but also my own MINDSET and knowledge of what was really right and wrong and how what I was being manipulated into believing was such was right.

Then alongside THAT... thinking that apparently, anyone who's questionable in behavior secretly DOES have good intentions behind that. As I have discovered too late upon seeing the same abusive behavior from others AD NAUSEUM - both from consumers and creators - I realize that, no, there is no such thing. Openly cruel people are internally cruel too. Also, SUSPICIOUS people are generally going to be cruel too... online and in the real world. Equivalent to survival instincts, basically, refusing to trust my MIND when it truthfully analyzes that people who generally are NOT trustworthy and DON'T have redeeming qualities beyond how they present themselves... are actually like that in reality.

...But to be more specific:

  • Getting constantly abused just for existing. No thanks to being influenced by a consumerist world that focuses solely on entertainment... at the expense of complexity, understanding, or making a real difference. Or even living a life that isn't worth regret... Even when trying to atone for the mistakes that led me here (or rather what I intentionally inflicted upon myself to send a message that no one seems to get), I can't avoid it - no thanks to general incompetence. No part of this was something I requested and the way the world in general operates is highly ineffectual.
  • Generally speaking, continuously being abused, continuously being ignored, and generally lacking confidence to be able to stand against others who I know are just mistreating me for sadistic reasons. Unlike other examples of such a situation... the issues revolve around being able to perceive the horrors of humanity better than others... and not because of a stupid inability to see it or anything like others seem to do. I think in normal and unbiased terms and don't think in some insane, lazy way, and others who do that, I don't even know how to comprehend whatsoever.
  • Waiting for time to pass until I am "permitted" or until I am in an appropriate moment of cultural development (in accordance with what I've analyzed about said development) instead of taking charge the moment I find an opening because literally everything is because I have deluded myself regarding the progression of time, really; the slightest clarity is the only thing that has prevented that from being worse than it already has but even that wasted away after all of that because I highly overestimated the average person's ability to care -- and also challenged the Danganronpa, Five Nights at Freddy's community (or much rather Five Nights at Treasure Island community because its newest director is a genuinely horrible person hiding behind a mask of empathy), and VTuber community despite knowing just how illogical the people in it genuinely are and how little they would ever listen to reason, because no one in those communities is known for being truly reasonable. Or rather, fandoms.
  • BEING CONSTANTLY VICTIM-BLAMED, I AM SO TOTALLY SORRY FOR EXISTING AND DEFENDING HIMSELF FROM PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME, YES, KEEP ABUSING ME, WORLD, I ASKED FOR THIS. No, just because I'm passive and don't constantly vindicate people for selfish and attention-grabbing purposes doesn't make me bad. Passiveness should be promoted, but I am the one who constantly gets targeted because I'm NOT being a vindictive jerk.
  • Not realizing that the most average of average of average people (who couldn't even stand out for ONE positive thing and haven't the slightest clue of how to be honest but know all about copying other people and idolizing what literally everyone else already does because it's seen as the "cool thing") are exactly the same and have nothing to make them distinct from one another, including bullying tendencies, copying others, having no emotion in anything they do and faking it when it's convenient for them. Because obnoxiously enough, they literally do act exactly the same way and just blend in with one another because they actively refuse to stand out and only want to shut down anyone who steps into their agreement and tell them that what they're doing is going to be worthless for them in the end... because it just is... and anyone pointing that out to them enrages them because having nothing is apparently all they have.
  • Thinking I should be relying on others instead of myself for the basic aspect of living my life... when I didn't need to do that and was more than capable being on my own and thinking on my own. This has severely held me back from thinking on my own terms in general despite being more capable than that... which in turn also prevented me from thinking critically. Though unlike others like me, who are attracted to modern culture, I am internally capable of that; as for others? Nope. No chance of ever doing that, which has ended up severely causing societal destruction on a personal level. Not yet a physical level, though.
  • Thinking anyone in general was trustworthy; as I have discovered, this is a world of consumers and "fans" of things who aren't real and don't have any emotion or empathy within any part of their existence and only live for pleasure. They also refuse to change when told their way of living is wrong.
  • Living under authority figures who care for themselves more than others just as much as the average person that I have been surrounded by does too and thinking said authorities rules... don't just hinder progress. When in fact, they do, and rebelling was a better outcome for me. And I mean all authority, no matter where it came from or how informal it is. Including cultural authority like celebrities. Listening to ANY of them and denying my own instinct that I knew was better... was not a good idea.
  • In general, thinking my existence fits into a crazy world like this... when it doesn't. It REALLY doesn't. I am not in a world where anyone is sane, I am in a UNIVERSE where being self-centered and apathetic towards others is NORMAL and no one sees ANYTHING wrong with that. EVER. If this was a world where someone like myself fit in and wouldn't just get constantly abused just because I am seen as being "wrong" thanks to these conventions that have been set up, first of all, searching for anything worthwhile within it wouldn't be a task at all, second, the things that I know are unnecessary to even BE in this universe (that others view as necessary even though they're literally just there to hinder and abuse others) wouldn't be there to hinder me in the first place, and last, I'd be in a world that doesn't immediately decide to oppose me when I say something "out of line" because EVERYONE would be thinking with the same basic sense of actual empathy, something of which is apparently too difficult to grasp here.
  • Being constantly guilted just for thinking about personal convenience even when doing so wouldn't have affected anyone else... just so that I could be under someone else's control.
  • Having the bad luck of... ending up in a technological world where people are consumed by accessibility but still hold the same extreme values as they did when humans first came to be; basically meaning psychological and intellectual evolution hasn't progressed in the slightest. Everyone is irritated at the slightest provocation and perpetually ignore any advice that behaving like a jerk will only cause harm and chaos yet simultaneously have nothing to stand out for... including most creators, but creators who are honest and can stand out regardless of what they do are rarer than anything else.
  • ...Being a little too addicted to feminine beauty in its various human forms (that are rare and not the garbage other people refer to). Something as understanding as that requires a mind that really cares and not just one that objectifies... which obviously contrasted a lot in a world that thinks that outright bullying counts as a symbol of humor when it's anything but that.
  • Never creating my own base account for online escapades (instead using a family member's), in turn not allowing me to have my own personal account details with access and security and a firmly consistent, creative alias... which would in turn make everything I'd do online useless because I'd be forced to make multiple accounts on the same platform with horribly loose personal access because of inconsistent access of my main account, a lack of a personal mail address, zero confidence in using anything online because I'm not using an account I myself can access on my own (without someone else's required aid), and nothing I do under said accounts being my own in the first place... which would lead me to use an application to delete all history on my base account so yes.
  • Continuing to trust the Five Nights at Freddy's community on a personal level despite knowing how bad the people in it really are alongside how little there is to learn from the franchise (getting me blocked by chronic internet troll Nocturnum on his FNaTI wiki) and then the VTuber community following that (also getting me blocked on that topic's wiki), preventing me from adopting anything on here even AFTER all previous issues... because getting blocked on a wiki on a fan wiki platform prevents a user from adopting a wiki regardless of reason or connection, apparently, since "blocked = untrustworthy". In which case, great job on being an outright bully, Nocturnum. Oh, and also because I forgot that I couldn't trust those communities to be courteous in any form whatsoever despite knowing how outright terrible and apathetic to others the people in them are. ...However, Nocturnum... His strong aura and atmosphere of misanthropy and complete contempt and apathy towards others (that he masks behind a sharply condescending tone of affability that no one can see through because they're as simplistic as he is) should've been an immediate sign to stay away from him. AT ALL TIMES. He's not the average type of obsessive and obnoxious 2000s guy who obsesses over the most simplistic things and has no real personality; he's ACTUALLY terrible and OPENLY has no redeeming traits to his personality, and is openly aggressive to everyone, WITHOUT hiding it or doing it unaware. He makes an EFFORT to be that horrible and does it KNOWING how to ruin other people for the sake of his personal amusement. He has no empathy, compassion, or remorse, but unlike others who lack it, there isn't a single excuse he actually HAS for it (including tragedy), you have to be an awful person on a legitimately fundamental level to be a terrible person to the level that he is and NOT EVEN try to display even the SLIGHTEST bit of restraint, comprehension of anything beyond himself (including other people because he certainly doesn't care for his actual "fans" either and is pretending there as well), or anything that would make him a human being that can actually be redeemed. At least with OTHERS there is something there to counter it like obliviousness and at least TRYING to call for something positive. Not him. He's just destructive, plainly and simply, with nothing beyond that except for where a person is supposed to be.
  • Thinking that other people were "better and more experienced than me" for having the conscience to make things for themselves and do it with great "expertise", which apparently included communication because I had zero idea how to talk to other people coherently or anything. Looking into the basic way the average of average people think... I realize that it was the other way around. As it would seem, it's because of other people indulging themselves stupidly without saying or doing anything that was OUT of my comprehension and I thought I was the idiotic one for it. Including pop culture I made contact with... without any awareness of anything around me, because I thought I was the one with the inferior thought process. No, the issue is that I can actually feel empathy and understand people and it's other people's inability to that has caused severe mental self-destruction over the course of my lifetime. I can think beyond whatever... stupid hedonism that celebrities can and whatever jerk behavior consumers want to adopt as part of their general lifestyle, and that is the problem. Really, all others (who I interact with and not celebrities who make for the general population) have actually wanted to do is abuse me, make me feel inferior to them, generally constantly look down on me, blame me for a mistake made due to someone pressuring me to do something with zero consideration for what I am actually doing, and make me feel like a complete idiot and a hindrance... for what exactly? Me not fitting into a preconceived idea of what it means to be "a human being" when I have my own mind and ability to judge things? As if that was ever fair... For the entire time I've spent being someone, of whom I have actual control over my own thoughts, this is my life; perpetual unfairness. In the worst possible way. But I don't have myself to blame, really, others chose to act that way whenever I've done LITERALLY ANYTHING just because.

Disengaging from popular mindsets, ignoring anyone who actually makes me feel uncomfortable because they are absolutely not trying to make any connection or understanding on any level if they do (which also leads to feelings of uncertainty which are completely unwarranted), and actually creating my own account online MYSELF so I would not suffer the MULTIPLE issues that I would eventually by NOT making my own online account beforehand (with the same alias of "Comment Spae"). By proxy, I would need a phone provided by that for... security and calling purposes but I despise the overuse of phones in the modern era so I would use it for no more than pragmatic reasons.

Regarding popular things, I also despise the immediate popular culture that EVERYONE gets drawn into, because it gives a CLEAR view as to what exactly the human populace I am surrounded by seems to want from others (empty stuff), which is mostly just disgusting and disturbing mindless trash made in the laziest and most mocking way possible, but most of all:

  • Disney and its associates and copies from Hollywood (same corporate product over and over in a different image; only reason anyone likes the stuff those studios all make is because it's simplistic or just plain based on a delusion; the characters and plots are from people who don't really understand life, the humor is an insult to basic human decency, and the fans never understand that the writers just want to create simplistic things that can't be taken seriously; Disney has plagued me my whole life and I find it despicable for doing so especially since I research pop culture and don't like to just blindly submit to corporations at all).
  • Mario and Sonic franchises (even if it's for children, the general public interacts with it plenty, and even then, the content in both is meaningless and all the games deliver nothing, with Sonic especially and obviously being geared towards a male audience; both of them are also frequently parodied online but that doesn't detract from how obnoxious both of them really are).
  • Persona (the fifth may be cynical in a realistic fashion but the series overall is still not as good as it's made out to be; much of it is in fact doing perpetual social tasks for long periods that detract from the actual plot, and the plot itself is usually depraved stuff with the most supernatural cliches to justify its nonsense).
  • Minecraft (for the community being incredibly obnoxious and never shutting up with insincere praise; the community is full of liars and fake "fans" who miss the creative aspect of the game to instead focus on the materialistic aspect and the only people to believe in a single word they say are each other).
  • The Muppets (hand puppets with boring humor and too many references to be real characters).
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (a linear gameplay loop franchise with little substance, an incoherent plot, and insubstantial characterization, with anything based off it being equally as mundane due to not even TRYING to change the formula, but failing to capture the horror in Scott's original creation; with "fan" songs that completely miss the mark on how to capture the series' deeper atmosphere by transforming it into something for a generic uninspired pop song that uses pretentious, partially-relevant poetry for lyrics; and a community of trolls (and outright obsessors like Dawko) who don't appreciate said horror due to severely lacking empathy themselves; speaking of which, in regards to theories, we know the main antagonist is William Afton and he is the cause of literally everything since at least 2016 so why isn't that enough for the "fans"?).
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (underwater adult-themed kids show with gory humor and highly annoying characters that tries too hard to be dramatic but has nothing to say in truth).
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Dio Brando has zero character beyond "he is an evil godhood-seeking bully" alongside the Pillar Men despite being the antagonists, making it a completely vapid anime).
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (nightmare serial killer kills because he kills; on the same street as well).
  • The Simpsons and its many obvious pastiches from others trying to profit off its style (black comedy animated nonsense with no consistency or style).
  • Star Wars (Darth Sidious and Darth Vader are overlords for the sake of it).
  • Superhero films... and comics... (flat wish-fulfillment characters and villains that are based purely on fantasy of which are clearly designed for hedonistic reasons).
  • Any other media type that is equally popular and equally bland as a result (the music that no one ever shuts up about, themed traditions, politics, myths, all of them are still the same style of "easy to understand" which is why they're popular for the average person in the first place).

The people who make these things are highly egotistical and likely crazy, I would NOT imagine ever having a mindset on an equal level enough to actually PRAISE it all... for no good reason... The people who make these things literally DON'T CARE and are acting on their biggest impulses regarding "what the world is like", not really caring for anything except profit. There is no message, satisfaction, or understanding to earn from stuff like that because it's not made for that purpose, it's made for some greedy idiot to feed off the idiocy of the average person.

...And it's mostly BECAUSE of those average people that these non-stop popular things that are simplistic and meaningless on every level constantly show up everywhere. Actually, to be more exact, it's more like no matter WHERE you go, you'll always find the same stupid things being made the most "popular" over and over again because average people like promoting things that are utterly worthless and fake... that are made completely dishonestly. Anything that IS honest is shoved aside in favor of some simplistic thing to keep humanity from daring to become better.

...Yeah, I have been brutally distracted of my true desires in life and have constantly been stressed out by things... because of rich guys who create pointless and empty media made solely to distract, then combined with no single person having the decency to ever shut up about it all.

In a list:

  • Trying to apply my unique abilities as a person has constantly only really led to it becoming a flaw... because I constantly apply that to flawed people (AKA everyone) and fail to realize that doing so will be completely and utterly destructive.
  • Also, constantly trying to entrust myself to other people has only led me to realize... no one has enough empathy to actually bother to UNDERSTAND me without having to say anything and even when I do say something, it's completely misunderstood because I forget one thing about people in general in this particular universe: no one REALLY learns anything, including other people's personalities and common traits, APPARENTLY, though that might be related to how utterly careless an average person really is.
  • Trying to AVOID getting in physically and athletically risky situations to challenge personal condition (like a literally sane person should do) solely because I know that, even if in the event that I am responsible in a risky situation (more than others) I am still at risk of suffering some capacity of ridiculous injury, only led to me having to get involved in even MORE horrifying outcomes... because I was surrounded by apathetic people who did not care that I was avoiding risks for my own sake and so ended up being constantly pressured and forced to abide by whatever stupid thing others told me to do even if it didn't make sense. Essentially, trying to avoid things responsibly led to others not realizing that I was doing it for safety instead led to being constantly ignored of that aim and being put in horrible situations regardless because no one really cares about what I am trying to do just to freaking stay alive in a world that seemingly doesn't care. Yes, my punishment for being cautious was being constantly abused, by everyone, oh yes, great!
  • An experiment I did that came at the expense of myself AFTER I accepted that I was wasted potential beyond the point of no return (and legitimately so which literally no one believes me on and instead has been constantly giving me false encouragement to keep going in spite of that WHICH IS PLAINLY CRUEL)... has led me to realize the apathy of others that I was completely oblivious to the first time, really. Putting myself in a situation where I have to depend on others to show if people are truly empathetic and if it's not just a MYTH... has led me to the realization that it doesn't just not exist, it's in the negatives, people aren't just apathetic, they're GLEEFULLY apathetic... and have never changed out of that. Ever. EVER. So basically, pointless stuff at the pointless expense of myself but I only care about results, and knowing that "positive is right" is fundamentally a lie is just a result that is worth the attention of someone who is brutal and honest about what they know about humanity... like myself.
    • If I didn't do it, I'd still be completely oblivious to how apathetic people REALLY are anyway. And I mean evilly apathetic, to the degree that there is no empathy or anything to be acknowledged... just... desire and nothing else. The only way to break out of the idea that I had, that was implanted in me my whole life and was torturing me my every move, was to get into that situation... and if that didn't happen, I'd likely still be completely unaware. And unfortunately, no one GETS that what I did was for that reason (to verify if I could believe in other people and whether my current life issues were my own fault or not) BECAUSE of that apathy either so I'm still taken advantage of and ignored by a species that is BLATANTLY antisocial... something of which I have realized much too late.
  • I am naturally intelligent enough to have frightening self-awareness of the fact that I exist as... myself... and have autonomous control over my own actions (though refused the fact over the course of many years because I have been surrounded by people who don't have any idea how to actually think beyond anything) but have failed to use my own existence here efficiently enough to count for anything and that's no thanks to control freaks managing the world's general laws and utterly average, unremarkable, despicably basic people being a horrible influence on the entire world and its history (and still continuing to show how bad humanity is even without barbaric methods like during the pre-modern eras).
  • I thought that me being a genuine... fan of what other people make and not just consuming it literally by taking and taking and returning with nothing would be useless because of how messed up the world is and how little anyone cares for anyone... But nope. As it turns out, being a genuine fan of popular but good and not-mediocre things from other people has worked with me more than it has against me because unlike other people who just take and take and take and take and have no gratitude because they were NEVER taught it, the fact that I can give back is actually what allows me to stand out in the end. So I guess that being a real person in the modern world does have a real benefit in the end.
  • Intentionally getting myself involved in a physical adversity that would actually affect me upon seeing that EVERYONE WHO FREAKING SURROUNDS ME constantly calls for pity for living a life of misfortune has... only made me realize that people are indeed fake, simplistic, antagonistic, and mostly useless, who constantly bully people and have no empathy for others who live a life that they've ACTUALLY wasted the potential of. At best, it's only attention-seeking for a personal agenda and the ones who act like they're in an adversity do nothing to remedy it... ever... and prefer to live a life of indulgence. Basically, oh, right, getting involved in something that is actually affecting me and my ability to LITERALLY BE me has made me realize that, NO, THERE ARE NO REAL PEOPLE TO SEE AND NO ONE ACTUALLY WANTS TO LISTEN TO ANYONE, and ALSO, everyone is a hypocrite who only bothers to condemn someone or something if it doesn't fit their narrow idea of what they agree on. But American people from or who are influenced by Generation Z culture are the absolute WORST and represent that literally nothing has changed; everyone is still a self-righteous jerk who wants to shut down whatever doesn't fit into their beliefs and is better off causing destruction and faking sympathetic qualities to get ahead in life.
  • Intentionally hindering myself a year after I became 13 (in 2017; I'm only from 2004 but am attuned to my surroundings; first act of self-sabotage I did in response to knowing the ACTUAL condition of my life and how irredeemable this world is came immediately the year after in 2018 when I was 14) was supposed to experiment on how humans ACTUALLY are because I hadn't accomplished myself in life and actively stayed away from doings things... because of the "age" rule. I had absolutely no IDEA how bad things really are in here and had to verify if it was "good or bad" because a messed-up perception meant I had no ability to judge anything regarding others AT ALL, even simply. Ironically, IMMEDIATELY after then, all I have continuously proven is that... I was never going to be accomplished here in the first place because the way things are in this universe was ALREADY fundamentally wrong. Even IF I just left things alone after that point anyway, I didn't create a personal account on the internet and had no bank account to engage in whatever capitalist stuff this world revolves around... so I wasn't going to accomplish anything anyway. That much I knew...
  • I provided the opportunity for Nocturnum blocking me on his wiki for Five Nights at Treasure Island (like a petty and selfish bully) on the smallest "infraction", which would start my enmity with him and vice-versa when it would lead to a catalyst of realizing his fandom is AWFUL, when I made the first interaction with it... which was making a comment realizing that his rendition of Undying was Henry Miller (the overarching protagonist), said rendition of Undying being voiced by Nocturnum himself. What's the irony? ...He made the story in the sequel be that Henry Miller was Undying anyway. Basically, the VERY FIRST thing I did on the wiki that HE ruthlessly blocked me (and a whole lot of other people who don't deserve abuse from a leader of a troll fandom like that) on is exactly what he did as part of his predictable storyline anyway.
  • The way that humans "create" life has physically (and I mean physically) led to me being unable to redeem myself of the waste of a life I was given... and in the process, I myself have wasted several other lives away. Regarding that, I will never understand the average person's desire to perpetually keep humans populated... when the method of doing so is ineffectual and horrifically, irredeemably disgusting - and the people who do end up living only end up wasting themselves or ruining others. The deeper irony is it only affected me because I like a specific kind of womanly beauty... that no one can ever understand because as I know, average people only desire horrible, disgusting things from girls and don't care for dignity. Dignity on a woman is something that endears me... and while it has healed me of stress somewhat, I was better off just LOOKING... at it... not doing anything more. I detest the way we exist, we should've done something better... just... WHY?!?!?

I was already on a horrendously low level by the time I realized I had been living life the EXACT opposite way that I wanted to... eventually. However, I was already in a low situation because I was a tech researcher and was someone who thought beyond enough to actually say something of worth to the world, in a chosen format, and... I had none of the ability to do that. Also I betrayed my opportunity for that when I came to exist from parents who are utterly oblivious to anything they do or say and never bothered to listen despite the fact that I was in the generation that was supposed to succeed theirs (though then again the 1990s to 2000s born individuals are all incredibly mediocre and abusive to others so I guess that everyone around had already failed the "success" part).

By the time I realized I had messed up on what I WANTED to do with myself in this existence... I was already too beyond a point to remedy it. No one listens to me when I try to tell them that part and just want me to "move on". Goodness, no. What, NOT be a self-reflective person just like everyone else isn't? ...No. I'd rather realize the truth about myself, seemingly unlike average people who just go through the motions in life.

Yes, this probably means that me doing everything that I did upon realizing that I myself was beyond saving because of what I did to simply waste away my existence and potential and never having a reason to keep myself sustained or stable (or able) in general... was actually a response that was intended. And, as I know, it was ALSO to send a message to those that I knew were simply faking emotions for attention - because they have nothing sincere about them and only ask for attention when they WANT it and when they could easily fix their own problems themselves by actually caring about someone else's problems besides their own rather than just going "me me me me me" in front of MULTIPLE people as if it totally matters. No, what? You call those REAL issues? Wasted potential isn't a real problem? ...What kind of LOGIC is that?

...So yes, it was intentional and a message to everyone that this human society of false "cooperation" is severely screwed up on multiple levels mostly due to self-centered priorities and consumerist ideals.

...You know, everyone claims they want change, equality, or compassion, but I see so much that contradicts this that it's absurd. And I can see this fact with a clear view and the ability to judge it by fair standards. Most of that seems to just be blatant hypocrisy that no one seems to want to address, because THAT would be too much, APPARENTLY, to realize is a fault of people.

I call it a hilarity because it's so blatantly obvious and yet absurd that the average person is OBLIVIOUS to how bad things really are in here. And this is not a case of me thinking negatively, this is me thinking TRUTHFULLY and without clouding my thoughts with blind optimism (unlike literally everyone else).

...STILL THE SAME IDEALS WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD. Oh, and even by the 2020s, NO ONE has altered their behavior, just proving how little "change" has actually occurred for humans on a personal level. No, people don't really "care", they just want to remain static and never develop into anything; all that matters is attention. LITERALLY everyone is still acting the same way they always have been and that's no exaggeration. Even by the present day of noting this (early 2024), people are still consumerist bullies who don't know the meaning of empathy in any way... because THEY REFUSE TO CHANGE and only care about their sick indulgences.


  • In general, the average person refuses to change no matter how much evidence someone calls attention to as evidence of them being bad; and I mean the lowest of the low average, people who don't make anything at all ("memes" and "creative" things that don't come from a true expression of a sense of empathy for others don't count because it's not "making" but rather copying with the intention of being as attention-grabbing as possible without truly expressing anything real) and have little to offer beyond their personal beliefs and so come off as horrendously obnoxious and just yearn to ruin people around them just for the sake of it (and not as a form of retaliation). This helps no one and only leads everything further down into... well, a place where doing anything means nothing because no one has any sort of impact and trying to tell others to do something different with themselves... or develop beyond what they already know of (without tainting the next thing they find on instinct)... just leads them to spreading their negatives elsewhere and still lacking any understanding as to why what they do is bad and doesn't help anyone whatsoever. Oh, and I mean "refusing to change" as in: adopting the same values as basically since the beginning, but under the mask of an "advanced" society that "agrees" on things and "cares" but in reality is just as willing to betray and manipulate others for selfish reasons as when humans first became sentient. Essentially, no emotional or social progression... all easy informational access and actually a reduction in standards. If anything, "change" never has happened or BEEN happening, the average of average people are in fact becoming even more self-serving, morally, socially, politically uninhibited, and unpleasant than they were in the 1900s (and even long before then).
  • No matter WHAT lesson one human should be teaching from another, even when it's blatant (especially those about self-centeredness), no one seems to realize how much they're applicable to the one used to convey that message in the first place due to being too busy blaming OTHERS for THEIR problems and not taking other people's problems into consideration and applying it to themselves. Especially outright villainous characters in a fictional setting, those of whom everyone who is an obnoxious jerk inevitably tries to relate to for some bizarre reason, while COMPLETELY missing the point of the character, or if they're legitimately well-intentioned or even "quirky", try to excuse, which ALSO misses the point of the character and how they're a conveyance of everyone's selfishness and its destructiveness.
  • Humans claim to be willing to help... but, as far as I know, everything has been going horribly wrong for me in the first place because humans care about OBEDIENCE, not about actually helping people with things compassionately. There is a constant necessity to follow orders blindly like a robot and any authority that is ALSO human should be respected... no matter how incompetent it is and no matter how much the status quo is utterly BROKEN because of it.
  • The average person is highly destructive and selfish, but because it's seen as normal, when someone acts on their own in a way that is clearly destroying harmony in a dishonest way... no one has the willpower to actively call them out for it and stop them, because to them, it isn't seen that way. Why? ...Because that's average behavior. Obviously no one is going to call out another destroyer when they can't see how it's destructive.
  • People fake loyalty to things for attention but don't learn this is a bad thing. I see this everywhere because... why would a person need to be HONEST?! That's too much to ask for, apparently; lying constantly and being static is the perfect route instead. ...I especially see this regarding Minecraft and VTubers. Everyone is obviously using both for attention. And regarding something that I'll note that stands out in particular regarding especially Minecraft, the Stampy's Lovely World series, the comments in there are THE SAME PLATITUDES OVER AND OVER from people who literally never cared for the series and only use the "nostalgia" ideal as bait - when it's evident in the statistics and literally everything about them that they only care about the attention that can be gained from blatantly faking emotion and loyalty to the popular Stampylongnose. The only popular episodes from the Stampy's Lovely World series are the ones that are designed to be as simplistic as possible and cater to that fake emotion, otherwise they don't care because the series consists entirely of building episodes where Stampy describes things in detail... which is still too much to process anyway because people repeat the same false platitudes over and over again. All of the popular episodes (that are repeatedly watched over and over again) are the SAME over and over again, and the "viewers" act like watching those same episodes makes them "loyal" or even caring for him. Nope. They're exploiting his popularity, and they AREN'T loyal because they're picking and choosing from what validates their ideal of Stampy, NOT who he actually is. They only care when it's convenient for them and INCONVENIENT for him. He is not a real person or a creative and technical producer to others; he is a plaything for trolls and fake fandoms who NEVER CARED IN THE FIRST PLACE to exploit for personal gain and nothing more.
  • Regarding that, people also claim to want to help others and/or the individuals they idolize but only do... the barest minimum to make it seem like they're "doing" something, only go after superficial social issues, don't actually care about the consequences of their actions, and are mostly lazy people who can't even be bothered to do something so basic as long as they can pretend to help but really lack the competence and empathy to do it efficiently.
  • There is so much hypocrisy in everything and no one seems to acknowledge it. Aside from the basics of "doing exactly what you just criticized", there's also: being selective in one's standards, refusing to do something only to do it anyway, promising not to treat someone unfairly but doing that to that one person the most unfairly, pretending to care but not really, thinking they know better about something while making someone who actually does know better look like a bad person for doing so, excusing something depending on whether it's part of your own ideology, and disliking other people for doing something 'bad' but then proceeding to do something that is worse which actually affects people directly. Is there even any consistency here? This is why I find average people utterly despicable.
  • Modern society has features made for people's convenience... like shelter and technology. However, despite these making lives EASIER, some are still... jerks by nature so inevitably, even the EASIEST way that life has been is still made a pain in the ass because no one really cares for each other and everyone is still an antagonist and an incriminator who is willing to tarnish and undermine people for petty reasons. So... what is EASIER here exactly? Nothing. It is an illusion, because one can't restrain basic human cruelty... CLEARLY.
  • There are a lot of popular products, both fictional and... well, amenities, whatever the hell else there is. None of the distribution of it is given in equal exchange. It's mostly just about the prospect of money or whatever the hell and its fake value. It does not determine a person and greed in general certainly doesn't. Unfortunately, most things are made with the sole purpose of giving its creator benefits but the creator not returning them for the general, unfortunate public... because THEY DON'T CARE. This can apply to any celebrity or influencer or corporation or whatever. It's very obvious that they are still human underneath the fake image garbage because they really just don't care about giving back... at ALL. And the same goes for their consumers; that is why they are called "consumers". It's about TAKING FROM THE CREATOR TOO, not just about the creator taking from the followers and never giving ANYTHING OF VALUE in return. AT ALL. I mean, seriously!?
  • Everyone claims that they want EQUAL understanding of other people, and they are "unbiased" or whatever. This is just a bunch of lies. It is very obvious that they want things to fall under THEIR standards of equality, NOT the actual idea of such. If it was real "equality" that was desired, there wouldn't be such a thing as public altercations or the like; everyone only really cares for "equality" if it's political or whatever the heck else. If it's in terms of actually caring on a PERSONAL level, then yeah, in a society like this where there are billions of people and yet zero agreement or content for anything... that does not exist. But hilariously, we're all acting like it's care on a personal level... to which I say, it bloody isn't.
  • Regarding all the lies about equality, everyone ALSO acts like they care for what SOMEONE ELSE does to equal levels, but it's blatantly obvious that it's just single-minded obsession with what is easiest so that they DON'T have to use their brains to actually... find something to process? Seriously, whenever I've looked ANYWHERE, it's always been the pitiful outcome of "easiest thing to indulge in" being the most popular. Even in regards to what I myself make on MY OWN CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE, the most popular thing is some simplistic garbage. And yet, these people claim to have class? That they're vindicated? That they earn the approval they continually deprecate themselves for? NO! They DON'T. If you REALLY CARED for people and WHAT THEY MAKE, you wouldn't just be selective and pick out the thing that requires the LEAST thought to pick out out of EVERYTHING someone creates, you'd look at it all EQUALLY, with EQUAL AND UNBIASED preference. There is no excuse for it, like "as long as I'm supporting them"; if you care enough to do that, you'd care enough to LOOK BEYOND WHAT IS EASY and what requires NO EFFORT to find about someone's creations. Is it really so difficult?? ...Guess it's just a result of being TAUGHT to be the most simple person EVER, since it requires NOTHING to make what I see become #1 popular ranking of ALL things be said #1 thing; and that simplicity leads to utter self-absorption, to such a degree they think making the LEAST possible effort counts as "enough". It's not... It's. Just. NOT!
  • Everyone claims that donating to some influencer or whatever work is helping them, or that "memes" do any good. It does not. Documenting (via wiki) IS the most dedicated way to show that you care for someone's work, because it SHOWS you know what they intended on; that's not what I see people doing either. They think JUST giving donations (empty ones) alongside some idiotic joke is going to "help" someone. It isn't. Actually allow others to RESEARCH that person in detail and actually try to DOCUMENT their work in detail and a comprehensive understanding of what they intended with it. Otherwise, you AREN'T a fan and are just a consumer. Never mind if you just INSULT the creation they made along the way as well by either disregarding it or making the least possible effort, or even just outright insulting them for a "joke".
  • The people who claim to want to "help" others ignore said others in their time of need, lack empathy to significant degrees, don't think pragmatically at all about someone's situation, and ignore anything that doesn't give immediate gratification to a simple-minded thought process of "if it doesn't entertain at someone else's expense then it's not worth it." If anything, there's more willingness to mock and ruin people's lives willingly through inaction than there is any real "help" to employ there.
  • Literally just bullying someone in a "comical" way is seen as 'comedy' on average and by popular reaction... but when those same people who use plain bullying as a contemptuous joke see something that is ACTUALLY humorous that DOESN'T involve bullying someone, the first response is to rudely dismiss its status as a joke as if THEY know better about what "humor" is. This especially applies to the most generic of the generic (1990s to 2000s people) who think that "memes" are real comedy when they are NOT and are just a flat excuse to execute said bullying without being called out for it, but for things that are more pointless to bully people over than before. Regarding that, this is one of the ABSOLUTE reasons I despise the fact that the average person refuses to change and just wants to embrace living as a husk of a human being who has to PRETEND in order to have any sort of self-identity whatsoever. Regarding that, people (by which I mean mostly teens online) SIMUlTANEOUSLY chastise others for "taking something seriously"... only when it conveniences them, otherwise they take everything seriously. No. Those people just don't want an in-depth discussion because bland and tasteless "humor" that comes at someone else's expense is all that they can actually process. Also, when someone has the actual intellectual will to take something about having a real purpose in life as a human being and not just wasting away the one chance seriously these days, unless it's a "political" issue, no one bothers with it and just jokes about it instead... or much rather, mocks it and masks it behind a "joke", which is incredibly debasing.
  • We are told that "children are immature and innocent", "teens are in the middle of maturity" and "adults are trustworthy and mature" but that is NOT true. A child can be just as capable of being insensitive, egotistical, and incompetent control freaks without the excuse of a lack of development and NEED to be disciplined to not act that way if they do; if they don't get disciplined, they're total jerks as teenagers which ends up in them being awful role models; and adults can't be trusted at all because of ridiculous addictions to power and control over the populace meaning they can do whatever and get away with it. Essentially, ages don't matter for anything, if someone's personality is showing signs of being awful regardless of what age or they show the stereotypes are false, that is evidence we have fundamentally not changed ever and still use the same simple-minded ideals that were applied millions of years ago.