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❛❛One of the most important things you can do as a friend is be there and be the person people can lean on, okay? Cause that's when you can impact the biggest change in people's lives. Everybody needs love.❜❜ - BadBoyHalo


I am occasionally here on Community Central just browsing or leaving messages. You can still talk to me here though, I'd be happy to talk! When I am active here, you can normally see me dropping by discussions or looking through the forums. I don't know enough about Fandom to be a great help, but I try to at least contribute what I know (how ever little that is).

  • I go by any pronouns.
  • I'm an amateur wikitext coder.
  • I watch MCYT.
  • I can play the piano and a bit of the sidewinder.
  • I can speak a bit of French. I'm still quite a beginner but I am taking classes.


  • There Is No Game Wiki [BUREAUCRAT] - The There Is No Game Wiki is the Wiki that I am focusing on the most. I successfully adopted this Wiki on March 21, 2021 and have ever since been an active contributor there. The community is still small, and it is taking a bit more effort than expected to grow it.
  • Play Wild Item Worth Wiki - The Play Wild Item Worth Wiki was the first Wiki I had ever joined, though now I'm seldom active.
  • Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki - The Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki is where I go when I want my imagination to run wild. I have been an active contributor there for quite a while now.
  • Poppy Playtime Wiki [ADMIN] - The wiki of one of my newer passions, the Poppy Playtime is where I typically focus any of my spare time. I am an admin on the wiki.


  • Discord: Colossal#9635


  • Coding: Colossal Wonders
  • Banner: @qarameiio on Twitter

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