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Please note that these guidelines are still being updated to adjust from "Wikicity" to "Wikia". Please make the appropriate adjustments if you are using these guidelines.

Notes on the process for updating the Featured Wikia each month. These notes started as just reminders for me (CocoaZen 17:27, 23 November 2006 (UTC)), but I've been using them as a reference for others more often recently, and I'm trying to make them more "user-friendly". Please let me know if you think of improvements... or go ahead and make them. It's a wiki, and even though this is under my user page, you're welcome to make improvements.

Before Nominating a WikiaEdit

Create a blurb. This is the blurb that will be posted when it is featured. (It can be modified.) Having it in advance of the vote has at least two advantages:

  1. it gives voters more information about the nominated Wikia
  2. it makes it easier to switch over the feature Wikia promptly when it wins and the month begins

The location for the blurb is on Community Central at Featured Wikia/NNN/Blurb where NNN is replaced by the short name of the Wikia.

Example BlurbsEdit

The blurbs get included multiple places:

  1. on the main page when featured,
  2. on the Recently featured Wikia page and
  3. on the page that gets created to give information about each Featured Wikia (the blurb, nominating comments, pro and con and a copy of the votes; example Featured Wikia/Redwall).

More blurb examples:

  • Featured_Wikia/Star_Wars/Blurb
  • Featured_Wikia/Muppet/Blurb
  • Featured Wikia/LOST/Blurb

Change OverEdit

Each month when it's time to change the Featured Wikia

  1. Tally the vote.
  2. Create blurb (or have someone who knows the Wikia well and can do it justice create it) Links to examples above.
    1. Put it at Featured Wikia/NNN/Blurb, where NNN=the featured Wikia
    2. Re-use the blurb by using an include, like {{:Featured Wikia/NNN/Blurb}}
    3. Include any (non offensive) nicknames of the Wikicity, the purpose of the Wikicity, what does the Wikicity do especially well, what could other Wikicities learn from its example? Provide links to special pages or features.
  3. Post announcement (or links to it) in four places by adjusting the include.
    1. Featured Wikia/NNN (example Featured Wikia/Doom; copy and edit)
    2. Recently featured Wikia (near the bottom)
    3. on the Featured Wikia/vote page (near the top) and the
    4. Main Page.
  4. Copy the supporting comments to the Featured Wikia/NNN page and move them to the bottom of Featured Wikia. (Should the comments be deleted after they are on the Featured Wikia/NNN page?)
  5. Move the votes for the winning Wikia to Featured Wikia/NNN. Add name and date to the list at the top of recent winners.
  6. Move any supporting comments from the Featured Wikia page to the Featured Wikia/NNN page (If there were none, please say something like "no comments" so we know they weren't forgotten.)
  7. Add it to the list of Wikicities that were featured at the top of Featured Wikia article
  8. Clear out old, invalid votes. (A record of them should have been copied to the Featured Wikia/NNN article in an earlier step.)

During the MonthEdit

  1. Confirm that votes came from a logged in user that matches.
  2. Collect information for an announcement, especially for Wikia in the lead. (See the "Before" stage above.)

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