aka Raccoon

  • I was born on April 24

"I am so h@X0r; I can Edit Wikipedia!!!"

Some WikiasEdit

Therian - I am founder and admin of this wiki, which is on the community I am a member of.

Please adopt or look at:

  • Kitsch and other oddities - I have put this up for adoption, but am going to remain a SysOp
  • the RPG Graveyard
  • Archaeology
  • Puppet
  • gun
  • jedi
  • astronomy
  • judaism - I used to be an admin here, but I'm a Deist now

Some cool wikis:

  • the DooM wiki
  • Uncyclopedia (I actually found and got into this one before I even knew of Wikia
  • muppet wiki
  • swfanon (star wars has great fan stuff)
  • GlennPedia the Glenn Beck wiki. as opposed to Truthiness (NOTE: DON'T VANDALIZE HATERZ!!!)

Stuff about meEdit

  • I'm male, I think people wonder about that stuff...
  • I'm not a furry, though I am rather silly.

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my dellimaEdit

I used to be a Wikia addict, but I have broken free!
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