My name is caydeb. You might see it spelled other ways like: Kaid, Kade, Kaide, Cayde, Cade, Caide, or Cade. Cayde is correct, and B is the first letter of my last name. You might also see "Browniesyes" this was an old persona, but still lives on in some random accounts. "Emotevlog" is the name of my second youtube channel, this may be one of the Email accounts I contact you with, but usually only by accident.

About MeEdit

I am on the internet alot, and I love Wikia. I am on several wiki sites and enjoy editing, I usually spend at least an hour a day on one of my favorite wikis:

I am on several other sites as well:

Projects, Events, and My Wiki PersonaEdit

I am a 22 year old semi-engaged manager at walmart. I don't drive, don't smoke, don't watch tv, and don't enjoy nature. I am a giant nerd, and enjoy big tv's, fancy phones, geeky glasses, fast computers, and a really big hard drive. I watch movies as a past time, listen to music as an all the time, and reading as a whenever I get the time. I hope to make a living as a professional writer, one day. But until then I just enjoy writing for the fun of it and maintaining a serious set of friends, both in person and online. Which is why I ask,

"If you have something to tell me, just say it. I may be mad for a minute or two, but I get over it quick and we can get back to work."

If I messed up your article, or bowled through your page, if you did something to me, or feel sorry for messing something up. If we worked together on a project and you want to get in contact for another one, don't hesitate. Drop a message on my talk page and I will get right back with you.

"Life doesn't have to be a big deal, be nice, have fun, don't sweat the small stuff, and friends will help along the way."

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