Hello. I'm a gamer who likes to edit this wiki as well as other wikis sometimes. I generally gnome on this Wiki, but I occasionally exhibit fairy-like behaviour. I used to gnome on Wikipedia, but my activity there is pretty rare nowadays.

I generally perform grammar/prose copyedits. I would like for this wiki to improve, and I'll do my part to make that possible.

I'm an admin on the Ace Attorney Wiki. I used to contribute significantly to other wikis, but lately the Ace Attorney Wiki's the only one to which I've been able and willing to contribute. Nevertheless, I'm planning to get myself out there again.

My contributionsEdit

I've contributed significantly to the following wikis:

  • The StarCraft Wiki
  • SmashWiki, but it joined NIWA, my account didn't carry over, and I don't feel like making an account there, so... (BTW, not a bad group, NIWA is. But I don't want too much politics on my user page so that's all I'm going to say on that matter.)

I tend to have to feel sorry for a wiki or otherwise feel that it needs my help to actually, y'know, go forward with it. Right now, that looks like The SaGa Wiki and maybe The Mega Man Knowledge Base

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