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Hi. I'm CQ from Wikipedia. I go by tractor on #ozonefarm.

About CQ[]

I wrote a book years ago called "A Community in Cyberspace: The OzoneFarm experiment" and started OzoneFarm at SourceForge. The idea was to create this agency for helping people to selectively mask or establish their identity online. The purpose remains to work toward establishing the Commonwealth of Cyberspace for the common good. My thinking leans toward System architecture.

I think a path should be available whereby a person can follow his or her interests, building lasting relationships both face-to-face and within cyberspace. We should be able to do this without spending a fortune, compromising our values, wasting our time or losing our place. be continued...


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Not sure how much of MediaWiki is still used here on Wikia or how much things still work as I expect them to. The world changes so fast. But I'm not of this world now am I?

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