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At the risk of creating another profile that will soon become out of date, I might as well make an attempt at introducing myself since I like to be active on the technical forums here.

Hello, I'm Bobogoobo (the name comes from Uru; my alternate name is Viisbyxa [has had other forms], which comes from Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts), and I like editing wikis, coding things, and playing video games. I first became an active wiki editor in late 2009, and I'm pretty glad I got into it, as it has introduced me to many of my coding interests. I tend to be a little OCD about things, so I spend a lot of time cleaning things up, making them consistent, and such. I also can get cranky if I have to clean up a lot of messes people made or spend too long editing, so apologies in advance for snapping at anyone.

I customize my Wikia experience quite a bit. Another thing I am very interested in is having correct spelling and grammar. Some things I don't like are visual editor (because it often messes up code and creates annoying inconveniences when I'm trying to make a template and have to keep its users in mind) and a variety of pet peeves.

Lastly, I get really into coding but I can quickly lose interest over time or if no one is counting on me. I like helping people when I can. Please feel free to ask me (via any location that gives me a notification) for help, to run any code I've done, or anything else.


I may have forgotten some.

Wikis I edit actively Wikis I edit occasionally Wikis I was active on but no longer edit

I also read some other wikis for information and I edit whenever I see something amiss. That's what I do on Wikipedia, for example.

Non-Wikia wikis: Path of Exile, Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Other sites[]

Some other public sites I'm active on and have accomplished something with. See also my MetaGamerScore.

  • Kongregate (max level, top 1000 users by points, all shiny Kongpanions)
  • Newgrounds (top 400 users by experience, top 200 users by medal points)
  • (over 100k scrobbles)


I plan to be familiar with most popular and/or useful languages eventually. The languages I am most familiar with are JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS. I have some experience with SQL. I am very experienced with wikicode and most popular extensions (ParserFunctions, DPL, etc).

  • Public scripts I've written: see here.
  • I leave random CSS and JS around wikis I edit; currently I have several useful things and a future dev script or two in development here and here. I also wrote the redlink and view source scripts, in addition to the ones with my name on them, here. (Maybe I should put the emotes one on Dev, seems like it might be popular.) I also put a script here.
  • Gadgets: I did this, and it works to some degree. Also some gadget scripts: one, two, three.
  • Various smaller things I've done for people here and on other wikis, which may end up in various places. See below for a list of ones I remember (including all the ones in my contribs here).
  • I've also written quite a lot of Python code to help me maintain wikis and create lists for maintenance, as well as do other things of interest. Anything in there that is still useful I plan to rewrite in JavaScript for on-wiki usage.
  • I've done some coding for fans of other sites as well, such as NGMedals.
  • When I was limited to mostly wikicode (and still now to some degree), templates were my great love. I've made quite a lot of them on my main two wikis, and even more just for personal use.
Smaller on-request scripts (by date)
Link Description Date
Thread:529693#7 Display when a page was first created and last edited. 2013-06-04
Thread:530003#5 [Monobook] Adds links to user blog and contributions from user pages. (Very basic) 2013-06-05
latest revision [Answers wikis, but should work elsewhere with minimal changes]
Shows the last non-automated user who edited a page.
Thread:541511#4 Displays a list of images in a category that are under a certain size. 2013-07-04
Thread:570969#2 Hides parent page breadcrumbs. (Small and niche) 2013-09-22
Thread:576528#4 Adds a talk button on Forum pages. 2013-09-28
Thread:593763#12 Highlights links to pages in given categories. 2013-11-08
Thread:595270#4 Changes dates on Blog:Recent posts to DMY format.
(very small, but reusable)
Thread:918005#10 Displays sortkeys in categories. Configured for dates. 2015-10-02


I am currently employed as a programmer. I spend pretty much all of my free time on the computer, because my favorite activities are all there. However, I have too many interests, so even with all my free time I can't really do all the things I want to do. I can be found on a variety of websites around the Internet, usually ones that have to do with web-based games. Or ponies.

Other accounts of mine: User:Lyra Botstrings (bot account, because I hate mixing edits, though I might've done them on this account on the CN Wiki a while ago), User:Viisbyxa (for testing things with a regular user account).


It seems like, when a wiki doesn't have its own color for visited links (do most of them not? I can't live on a wiki I'm active on without a visited link color), adding 60 (3C in hex) to each value (RGB) of the hex code for the regular link color produces a suitable color for visited links (for me, at least, since I'm somewhat used to lighter links, whereas Wikipedia uses darker links, and some wikis use entirely different colors). I'm not sure if there's any way to do this automatically, since you'd probably have to sample a link. But it's at least an easy way to decide on a color when I become active on a new wiki.

This looks like fun: Mimic