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Hey, how ya doing?

I'm BlindCartographer. I commonly go around fixing stuff like vandalism and spam to the best of my abilities, so if you saw me do something on your wiki along those lines I probably won't be a permanent contributor and am just cleaning up. I will take a look at your wiki though and read about it a bit. I'm also an admin on the Friday Night Funkin' Wiki and Wikitubia! Now here are some cool(ish) facts about me!

  • I am french, but live in NYC. (Actually Quebec at the moment)
  • I used to be Thread Mod on the Terraria wiki before it got merged with the Gamepedia one.
  • I actually like FANDOM's decisions, unlike most.
  • I am a novice at JS and CSS.
  • I am a male and my birthday is June 7th.
  • I really like the Forgotten Realms wiki.
  • I am on Wikipedia and use the same username.
  • I am obligated to put at least one emoticon here since everybody else does it so :)

I will now present some helpful links below.

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If you ever need to contact me about anything, I will be happy to respond. Just, try not to spam my wall. Thanks! BlindCartographer (Message WallContributionsActivityGuestbook) 50

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