I have changed my mind! Teehee on this update I will leave it to you, the readers, to determine which phone is the better choice to get for my birthday on Tuesday. This will be kind of like a poll and it will be open all weekend and will be closed Tuesday night, because I will be going to purchase my phone on Wednesday afternoon. Keep in mind I do have school, so I won't be constantly checking this. I will be checking all three days of the poll. I will place the phone that I have been lookinig at for a while on here with a picture. NO PROFANITY! NO INAPPROPRIATE LANGUANGE! NONE OF THAT OTHER STUFF YALL DO! ready....set....VOTE! Place your comments, concerns, and additions on my message wall!

Family Mobile Alcatel 606A

From my research on this phone, because I am a crazy phone fanatic. This phone has the capability to check and tell you the weather, browse online, a QWERTY keyboard, and a FM radio. From the reviews and such that I have read, it has been brought to my understanding that the volume isn't that great, but the phone itself is for a texter (me) and someone with a keyboard fetish. This phone ony costs $30.00 and can be found at your local T-Mobile store. It can be used on the 15,30, and 50 dollar plan at T-Mobile, The keyboard takes some getting used to because it feels cheap and sticky-stuck. Other than that the phone is great. I've seen it in person, or phonson lol. It is a little small but I can manage along fine because my hands and fingers are pretty small. I NEED YOU GUYS' OPINION! PLEASE WRITE YOUR COMMENTS AND/OR SUGGESTIONS OR ANY OTHER EXTRA INFORMATION THAT I MAY HAVE MISSED ON MY MESSAGE WALL! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!