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* [[Hiring/Web Developer 2|Web Developer]]
* [[Hiring/Web Developer 2|Web Developer]]
* [[Hiring/Project Manager|Project Manager]]
* Project Manager

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Yes, we have an office trampoline!

Wikia is a fast growing, consumer-publishing platform where millions of passionate fans come to discover, create and share a shocking abundance of information on thousands of topics. Community created wikis cover everything from the latest games, anime, lyrics and TV Shows to eco-friendly living and the world's best chocolate chip recipes. With over 40,000 enthusiast communities attracting more than 30 million visitors each month, Wikia is well positioned as the largest user-generated media company and recently became a top 100 web property.

If you like a small, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with lots of growth and reasons to celebrate, come join us today!

Founded by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, Wikia is headquartered in a brightly colored SOMA office in San Francisco, CA. Investors include, Bessemer Venture Partners and Marc Andreesen.

San Francisco, CA

Poznań, Poland

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