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Auxilingua ProjectEdit

To create an International Auxiliary Language Wiki at

Project currently at:

The website address would be:

Auxilingua Project Goals:

The goal of this wiki project is to collect whatever resources were available for research in the subject of international auxiliary languages and present them in a format that iss easily available to people who are interested in this type of language.

A lot of the information will come from books on the subject which I've found in libraries throughout New England and from googling about on the internet. Unlike other sites which deal with the idea of constructing languages the focus of this website is only languages which serve as a international auxiliary languages, whether constructed for this purpose or they be natural languages used in this manner.

International auxiliary languages can be constructed by someone with the goal of serving in this way, but natural languages can also be used in this manner. For example Latin was an international auxiliary language for science and learned studies for centuries, and before it came Koine Greek and also Aramaic. But the vast majority of languages which have been used as such or simply made available through publication have been constructed in some way by people. This wiki would present as many as possible of these constucted or natural, international, auxiliary languages.

The basic organizational structure of this website is based the idea of having just five principal pages where links to information is presented or made available to visitors. These are:

  1. What's new page News;
  2. Featured Articles or Books and other Documents, Documents;
  3. Discussions and Email Groups, Lists and Chat Chats;
  4. Contact Information and Feedback Contacts;
  5. External Links to other Resources Links.

Besides these five main pages there are three listings pages where a lot of the information is made available through links to individual pages. the three main list categories are:

  1. List of Auxlang Projects both ancient and modern in alphabetical order, auxlangs.
  2. List of Publications or bibliography of Auxlang published materials, biblio.
  3. Who's Who list of language authors, promoters, and interested users of Auxlangs, personas.

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