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Americhino is male.

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Hi! I'm Americhino. I do not hang around here as frequently as before, but still pop in occaisionally. Some of the things I did here are make new chat skins (rip CCChat) and help others. I speak English and French fluently, while I speak (rather broken) beginner Chinese as well. I'm very active on Discord. Feel free to ask anything if you need any help from me, although it's probably easier now to contact my Discord (in the masthead on top of the page).

P.S. Sign my guestbook! :D


Name Highlight Date
The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki Highlight 09/01/16
KawoShin Chat Skin Highlight 06/06/17
What are Chat Skins? Highlight 01/27/18
Join the Paladins Wiki! Highlight 02/18/18


I am taking a wikibreak; I will be inactive across most of the network. Please try contacting me elsewhere (i.e. Discord).

I am on hiatus on a wikibreak; I will be inactive across most of the network. I may pop in occasionally to edit a page or two or check on my wiki(s). You may still find me on:


  • Twitter (actually mostly inactive)
  • Discord (hyperionbalance#8580)


Hi! I'm Americhino, an editor on Fandom since 2016. I am mostly inactive these days, but can be seen hanging around Dev Wiki and the Calvin and Hobbes Wiki. I am a native speaker of English who is also fluent in French and a member of the Language Brigade Wiki. Feel free to use my talk page if you'd like to talk!


Local Activity


Local Activity

I'm not very active here, but feel free to contact me!
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