Akira Otomo

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Welcome to my User Page
Hi, I'm Akira! Glad to meet you. Thank you for coming to my userpage @ Wikia. Across the next few sections, I'll tell you about myself, you can read if you want to!

My Life
I am in Year 7 at school, I live in England and I have a very virtual life. Of course, Akira Otomo isn't my rteal name, but I use it to protect my identity. I live in England with my family: my mother and two brothers. People say I'm a very creative guy ...

People say I'm creative because I write songs and music. I play guitar, I started in September 2006, and have continued learning into High School. I also write stories and draw. My stories have horror themes mostly, sometimes twisted with romance. I draw manga, some of my art is viewable at my deviantART page here.

My Virtual Life
As said, I have a very virtual life, I sit and play about on the computer all day and you can't get me off it for love nor money. I like editing wikis, I am on Wikia and wikiHow mainly. I am also on deviantART here. If you'd like to see my Gaia Online profile, just click here.

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