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    • Itazura Gokuaku
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Please see my wikipedia page.

Stuff I like:

My userpages

This profile appears via a template: ( View| Edit| History)

The colors come from this wiki's theme via special Wikia CSS classes, color1 & color2. if it looks bad, don't blame me—it's not entirely my fault anyway. 😜


Iynque's Global Profile (View)

Use the following code to transclude this profile into Wikia wiki pages.

The first part of the link (w::) tells every Wikia wiki that the page can be found here, at Community Central, instead of looking for the page locally (where it doesn't exist). You can do this with other Wikia wikis too, like linking to [[w:c:urbanterror:User:Iynque]], as seen in the list of transclusins below. See Help:Interwiki link for more info.

Colors & Styles

The colors and some of the styles come from Wikia/the specific wiki it's used on. That way, even though it's a transcluded global profile, it should still look well-integrated into the rest of the page.

The colors come from the wiki's theme via special Wikia CSS classes named color1 & color2. So here on Community Central, it picks up blue and grey. If a wiki's theme uses pink and green, then the profile shows up as pink and green. This can sometimes make it look a little funky, but it should blend well with the rest of the wiki page.

The styles and colors for the buttons (at the very bottom, hidden by default) also come from Wikia's CSS classes. If Wikia changes them, or the wiki redefines them, they also change on the profile.

Using this code for your profile

You can copy and edit this profile so it appears on your Wikia profile, and then edit it with your own picture, links, interests, favorite wikis, etc.

  1. Copy the code from here.
  2. ...and paste it into your own GlobalProfile user subpage here. Your new global profile will be at
  3. Edit the profile to suit you: Change or remove my picture, edit your 'about' blurb and links, edit or remove the list of personal interests, etc.. Just keep it general information about you, so you can use it on any Wikia wiki; stuff specific to a certain wiki can be added locally at that wiki later.
  4. Now replace your profile on Community Central, or any other Wikia wiki, with the code to transclude your GlobalProfile:

Remember to replace "YOUR_USERNAME_HERE" with your actual Wikia username! ;D

If you ever want to add more details specific to a given wiki (like letting people know you're a moderator there, or your favorite pages, etc., just add that information above or below the transcluded global profile.

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