YonedgeHp wrote:

Zyrom121Returns wrote:

YonedgeHp wrote: Sorry, but no, Gohan, you broke the rules more than once.

-First: you inserted false information into articles just to win an argument in Discussions. -Second: you didn't stop the edit warring even after you were warned by other users and admins. -Third: You created a sock puppet to evade your block even when you were advised by other users in Discussions.

I'm sorry, but I can't make this kind of exceptions because you're sorry, you'll have to wait until your block expires in one month. Is not even that long!


He is new to fandom, he only joined yesterday sir

Zyrom121Say Hi 06:06,5/20/2018 

He has more than that in FANDOM. Besides, he manipulated articles with false information on purpose just to win a debate in Discussions, and after he was warned several times by both users and admins he didn't stop to edit warring. After that, he made a sock puppet to evade his block.

I'm not reducing his block.

But I don't think he knew that it was SS rather than SS3 was 10 times weaker than SS4. Besides, you've only increased his one-month block, which was only meant to be a week.

I never realised he did it 7 times, I only saw once. I think he was honestly just trying to help. And also, I don't think he literally made an irl sock puppet. I think he didn't know he did anything wrong, so if you could just at least reduce the block for one day, that's one day sooner he can properly say sorry by adding true information that you guys missed.

Zyrom121Say Hi 06:36,5/20/2018 

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