Hi, Thetruth963. I'm reaching out to you again as I've noticed you are still using the Akame Ga Kill! wikia wordmark. On top of this, I've seen that you're now copying content, word-for-word, directly from my wikia onto yours. An example of an article you copied: Budo on your wikia. Budo on the original wikia. You very clearly copy/pasted this article along with many others. Now besides articles, you're also copying templates from my wikia. Almost every template listed here has been taken from my wikia.

Per wikia's guidelines, you're allowed to use things like text, images, templates etc. from other wikias, but they must have proper attribution. You have neglected to give credit to the Akame Ga Kill! wikia in any way. I'm asking that you please do so for every article and template you copied as well as my wikia's wordmark. If you're unable to do this within the next two weeks, Staff will have to step in.

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