I've unblocked you, sorry for the situation. However, I would like to clear a few things up.

XVeraLoveBabyx wrote: ok seriously im kinda pissed like you made me wait forever just to get a ban appeal...

...and i couldnt even get an appeal on wof because "we dont like that wiki" seriously i did not like it either but rpc was dead and i had nowhere else to relay the message.

Now that I know who you actually are (and don't worry, I won't reveal your old account), this part makes no sense at all. The level of insults on this thread is quite shocking and on top of that, you know how I feel about Wings of Fire Wiki and I'm not sure why you'd expect me to go there or for them to come to us randomly.

XVeraLoveBabyx wrote: i didnt want to appeal on message wall because i just wanted to take a one time trip to tdl.

So you didn't want to appeal on my message wall, you'd rather go to a random wiki, wait for two hours, then come to RPC and yell about how I didn't show up on said random wiki.

XVeraLoveBabyx wrote: now i realize the only reason yall didnt come is because you did not want to listen to my appeal and just straight up ban me because you guys are lazy.

First off, using insults only poisons a discussion and should be left out of any mature conversation. Second, I did not come because I had no idea you were on WoF wanting an appeal. No one told me so. It had nothing to do with laziness or not wanting to hear the appeal.

XVeraLoveBabyx wrote: I just simply want to use an alt because I do not want to use my old account, I don't want to be associated with it. i have not used my main in a while.

I have no idea why you'd want to use an alt, no drama occurred with your main account. Also, using it less than a month ago doesn't really count as "I have not used my main in a while," imo.

if this is what the staff team has become, and if this is what YOU have become, then i guess i will just go. learn how to AGF.

As this is coming from someone that was in such a position as you, I'm pretty sure you already how much good faith we try to assume and I don't need to defend myself here.

All of this drama was caused for no reason and could have been avoided with transparency. I'm sorry for my part in it, and I'm sorry for the block, as I said earlier.

I've unblocked you on TDL and RPC and we can continue the conversation on one of those wikis if you want.

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