1) harharhar

2) Yes, I gave you two chances. And you continued misbehaving. What's your point?

3) You completely ignore my statements about using sockpuppet accounts, which is against Bloons Wiki policy. Typical Wacky. Regain your honor? I don't mean to be Captain Obvious here, but it's too late for that.

4) Drunkards? Misusing the banhammer? Blocking you when you have misbehaved a lot is considered unjustified in your perspective? Yes, you are stupid.

5) Using sockpuppetry for good intentions is still against Wikia's Terms of Use and Bloons Wiki policies. As I said earlier, it is too late to redeem yourself, therefore it is not needed to clean up the trouble you have caused.

6) You obviously care a lot about your original account. What's your point?

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