What's the point of using profanity if you're going to censor it anyways? And that picture was unnecessary as well.

  • In Thread:22206, I am listing all the threads that you post useless messsages to. No "bullying" there.
  • In Thread:22160, I am being harsh, but not bullying. Everyone on the wiki thinks that you are a very unhelpful and irritating person.
  • In Thread:22027, I have informed you of a block because you completely failed to stop your behavior and acknowledge the multiple warnings that you have received. You have also admitted to being a "badge hunter", a person that is not welcome on any wiki. No "bullying" there.
  • In Thread:21943, I have also informed you here about a block that you have received. You know that you have been acting stupid, yet you continued the behavior. No "bullying" there as well.
  • In Thread:15358, you have once again posted a useless message to a thread. I have told you to stop, and you consider that as "bullying". Once again, that is not bullying, that is you simply being sensitive.

I'd like you to review what you have done so far on Bloons Wiki.

  • Impersonated CyberGuy23, as posing as CyberGuy24. What treatment were you expecting to get when you impersonate someone? Nice and kind treatment?

As you said, you copied his name to prove that you are his friend. That is the worst way to convince anyone of being someone's friend! CyberGuy23 has no idea who you are. Additionally, you have asked him for his personal info which is a direct violation of Wikia's Terms of Use. I'm pretty sure that you are already violating Wikia's Terms of Use, since you are most likely under the age of 13.

  • Editing other people's user pages without their permission. Why would you think that no one would get mad at you? What if other people edited your user page without your permission?
  • Added a very large amount of useless messages to finished threads. As I said before, take that stuff to chat. Despite being warned multiple times by three admins on the wiki, you still continued to add useless messages to those threads. So, we blocked you for you actions and you take it as bullying. You are a sensitive boy indeed...
  • Accusing people of "bullying" you, when there is no bullying. Bloons Wiki has a very nice community, and you have been acting inappropriate. If people don't treat you nicely, you are obviously doing something wrong. You fail to see that you're doing anything wrong on the wiki!

Please review your actions, before judging us of punishing you for wrong and unjustified reasons.

While we are on the topic, please stop using the word "bullying". You are using the word in an improper, exaggerated, and overused manner.

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