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The reason why I sent you a message because I agree with you on many of the things you have said.

Things that you have said about admins: 1. Newt Strike talking about admins: "They can block for whatever reason pleases them" 2. Newt Stike talking about admins: "Can be rude and disrespectful to users without anyone raising a single question on their behavior while they would continue to question others behavior" 3. Newt Stike talking about admins: "They do anything they want because they know there is no one to question their behaviors"

You said all of that about admins and I have experienced all of that those things have happened to me. It does no good to talk about admins on Special:Content I know I have tried it never worked out for me. I come to you because you said that admins"They do anything they want" you mentioned that admins know that "There is no one question their behaviors" ever word you have all of the those things are true.

You also said that they "Can be rude and disrespectful to users without anyone raising a single question on their behavior". All of that is so true those are the reasons that I came to you no ever questions an admin they go around unchecked and uncontrolled no one keeps them in line. The admins keep other people in line but no one does it for an admin. It is dangerous for me for me talk about the behavior of admin because admins and staff have jumped in on messages like this before when I question the behavior of an admin.

I have gone through problems where admins just accuse people of what ever they feel accusing them it has happened to me. Once they accuse someone of something it seals the deal and they have the power to block people all because they choose to be judge, jury and executioner. The problem is they get to say what ever they want about someone without anyone questioning them. They can accuse anyone saying that it is fair for them to do that and no one thinks about that maybe admins need to be questioned on their actions and behavior sometimes but no one does that.

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