Hello, I was working on another little change on my wiki and i though you could help me with this, so I have two things to ask:

1. Is it possible to add pictures in Wiki Navigation Bar? I tried writing the link to the file the way you are suppossed to do in other pages, but it doesn't work.

2. I was trying work with borders, but I'm not sure if it's possible to make them have a gradient look, I'm trying to go for something like this: KLzaYEN.png (made using photoshop).
The two borders should have a linear gradient of 90 degress with #ffd500 (The darker yellow) going into transparent (here it's grey due to backround). Off the note: It's so cool that you can make transparent gradient.
P.S. Oh sorry I forgot to give you the code to the template:

<div class="notice metadata spoiler" style="font-size: 80%; border-top: 2px solid #ffd500; border-bottom: 2px solid #ffd500; text-align: justify; margin: 1em; padding: 0.2em;">'''<font color=#ffd500>Spoiler Warning!:</font>''' Spoilers for '''''<font color=#ffd500>Corpse Party Fanfiction</font>''''' follow</div>
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