Dear Latin915, just earlier you issued a block, preventing me from editing anything on Pro Wrestling Wiki after I edited some info on some pages for Full Tilt Wrestling, however, you didn't give a reason for this.

I would understand if any of the info I added was wrong, however, as I train with FTW myself and are good friends with several roster members, I know that the info I added was true, but incase you are confused as to how, I am happy to explain...

First off, the PWE Championship part on the main page was removed, I understand that it may be confusing, but PWE (Prospect Wrestling Evolution), is a developmental brand for FTW, just like NXT with WWE, and the PWE Championship is an actual title for FTW, while it hasn't debuted yet due to the first PWE event being cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, FTW still plans to go ahead with the brand and debuting the PWE Championship when the time comes.

Second, the update for Sam Ruiz winning the FTW AlphaPrime Championship was undone, however, Sam actually did win the AlphaPrime Championship at  Lord Mount-Evans Spectacular in a triple threat match between himself, Zayne Freeman and Nicky Starr. I know this because I was the timekeeper for the show and all 3 guys are friends of mine, but if that's not enough, then maybe this picture will prove it...
Sam wins Alphaprime Championship

I apologize for any confusion.

I understand if you are just trying to make Pro Wrestling Wiki the best it can be, but undoing contributions (Especially ones that are not inaccurate), is not the right way to go about it.

I would appreciate it if you replied.

Thank you.

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