Look stop it. Stop complaining. Just like all users do, I only have so much patience, and if you think you're on your last straw, guess what, I'm on my last straw as well. Indeed, I may have dealt with the situation a bit harshly, but the truth is I am getting really annoyed with your constant failure to obey rules like you did on the Community Central Chat which led to your ban. I'd already had enough of your trouble-making on the Community Central Chat, and I wasn't waiting to find out what you had in store on other wikis. You need to learn how to be cautious. If I am banned or blocked from editing a wiki, I return a sadder, wiser, and more cautious person. When I asked you not to continue trying to revive ancient messages, you should have done what I asked, rather than do the opposite. You knew I was annoyed with what you did on the Community Central Chat, so I wouldn't have taken too kindly to you and your trouble-making elsewhere.

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