Excuse me, that's a lie. Apparently, you didn't read correctly what I said. I didn't even call you such a thing. You were the one who got banned from Wikia before over something similar to this, Olliedudley. I don't know what makes you think you can even convince the staff as you were the one who was banned from Wikia before. Also, you don't tell others how admins are supposed to be, that's the staff's job.... not your's. You're not the staff and you probably never will be with your relentless, egotistic attitude to where you think everyone should tend to your desires. And you were the one who harassed me as you were the one who wanted to continue the conversation and bring it all the way here to Central. There is no reason to bring this all the way to Central as it's a childish thing to do over an issue like this. All I did was make an obviously sarcastic statement and you were the only one who became infuriated and started an argument over it. Plus, I act sarcastic to everyone on the wiki and they don't mind. You take everything so personally and literally. It's the internet, nothing is meant to be taken personally or literally. TheWonderKat and nearly all the other admins do the same thing and you never get mad at them. I'm not going to change just because one person wants everything to fit what they desire, there are more people in this world besides you.

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