Please take a look at the bold text and consider it.

Acebatonfan wrote: Sorry if this looks like a mess. I'm going to go section-by-section and give evidence of what we're seeing as admins:

Good-faith edits that are undone with no reason

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I was fixing grammar

Revision as of 16:36, January 18, 2018 on Community:Alexnewtron/Meep City
MeepCity is not fradulent.

Revision as of 11:38, January 19, 2018 on Community:Aesthetical/Prison Life If you shoot or punch guards in Prison Life, you can get arrested, even in a safe zone.

There are also more edits like these that have occurred recently. Many edits that you have recently made seem to be undoing good-faith edits without any reason. We have discussed with you previously to talk about editing conflicts on a page's talk page or with the editor him/herself until an agreement on what should be included is made (and talking with an administrator if the conflict cannot be resolved).

Undoing edits that led to edit warring

This edit on the Youtubers page that eventually sparked an edit war with LocustWorld, even though his initial edit was in good faith. Greenlegocats is clickbait since he advertised a free robux website', even though free robux doesn't exist, and also for promoting rumors. Afterwards, you got involved with my conversation with him about his block. I was trying to talk to him about the block, while you appeared to be interjecting into the conversation to talk about why the editor was wrong in the first place (and deserved to have his first edit undone). Same thing with the bold text above

Personal attacks

Please refer to all the warnings you have received about personal attacks, as we have highlighted numerous examples of you personally attacking other editors. Didn't even know they were personal attacks

Excessive arguing with administrators

Please see this thread on LocustWorld's message wall that I have discussed earlier. While it is alright to disagree with administrators, it felt like you were frequently arguing with us for the sakes of arguing. Exact violation of people's free speech. This is not North Korea, this is FANDOM. Also you could have closed the thread like I said near the end of the thread to prevent this block what I think of as useless. Please also refer to your final warning about personal attacks made a few days ago where you argued with us about why we were removing inappropriate contributions instead of editing the inappropriate stuff out. That editor probably didn't know about the economy system, since that user was saying that 'Roblox removed tickets because they were greedy'

I also left a message on your wall that LesterGreen might be a sockpuppet of LocustWorld, because his edits were similar to to LocustWorld's, but I didn't get a reply from you, so it could be that you ignored it?

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