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    01:42, February 28, 2016

    In case you haven't gotten our dozens of requests for help over the last couple of days, we have two rogue bureaucrats that the owner the entire staff of the wiki have been unable to get rid of. The users Gubra Lagima and The Door Handler have been vandalizing the wiki, revealing confidential information about yours truely, banning staff willy nilly, making intentionally incendiary edits to piss off us and our readership, and we have been unable to do anything because our founder for whatever reason is unable to remove someone's bureaucrat status. Can you please do something ASAP? They've started to mess with the entire layout of the wiki and I fear for what comes next.

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    • "In general, staff are most likely to intervene in situations that involve the Wikia Terms of Use or are otherwise very serious." One of the people we're talking about posted my full name on the wiki. This is a terms of service violation and wikia has done NOTHING.

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    • For something you believe to be a ToU issue, use Special:Contact from that wiki to contact staff if you haven't already done so, including links to said instances of ToU breaches. If you don't know how to contact staff from that wiki in particular, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the "Contact Wikia" link, then navigate from there.

      I'm fairly sure Ducksoup will direct you to do something similar, mainly because serious issues such as these are usually discussed in private rather than on threads where all sorts of interference can occur.

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    • We have tried Special:Contact dozens of times for DAYS now, and we have gotten no response. It's useless. 

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    • Responses generally take 2-3 business days.

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    • "The Door Handler have been vandalizing the wiki, revealing confidential information about yours truely, banning staff willy nilly, making intentionally incendiary edits to piss off us and our readership, and we have been unable to do anything"

      Goodness me you folks are desperate for some drama. We haven't vandalized the wiki, we've made perfectly fine edits with perfect grammar. Someone revealed some infomation by accident and has removed it, a name was said but it never even said that it was you, just a name which does not count as doxxing as that would mean revealing actual information about someone directly. We temporarily banned editors who continually undid our edits with no reason and without communicating with us all of whom are unbanned now. We made these edits because we enjoy editing comedically, just because they are from a different political standpoint to you doesn't make them edits trying to piss you and your readership off. 

      You have been able to do something, talk and communicate with us. You have not attempted that once instead attempting to go behind our backs and demote us while we have made multiple posts on your pages trying to communicate with little to no response. No you can either quit this childish behaviour and have a grown up discussion or continue this futile effort.

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    • The whole show that the wiki is based on has a certain political standpoint, and you are going against it. You've even isulted the Drunken Peasants a few times. Everyone knows that you don't like DP anymore. You just want to cause trouble. You've messed around with templates, CSS, and other things for no reason other than to vandalize.

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    • I haven't messed around with templates or CSS at all, so that's a lie. I don't think Gubra has either.

      Just because the show has a standpoint doesn't mean that there isn't room for discourse or debate. 

      I don't remember isulting the Peasants in a while, unless disagreement counts as an insult.

      Actually, recently I've started rewatching some DP and started getting into it again and liking it but of course you wouldn't know that it would hurt your narrative.

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    • Checking Gubra's contibutions shows he has edited things like CSS. He also has put subtle little insults to the peasants.

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    • He hasn't done any of that stuff aside from change the colour of his username.

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    • If you haven't gotten any response for S:C for days, there's surely problem, either at your end or their end. Have you gotten the confirmation email? Have you been spamming them with messages each day?

      Ducksoup did tell me to use S:C and use the title of "ATTN: Ducksoup" so the email gets to him.

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    • As I have stated repeatedly, I am not breaking a single Wikia rule. I've been trying to talk to all of you for days, and you're all ignoring me.

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    • Bryan, if you want me off the wiki, how about you talk to me instead of spamming Wikia with complaints about someone who is breaking 0 rules?

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    • I haven't even been given a reason why you think me edits are so reprehensible. I haven't deleted any pages, I haven't arbitrarily removed content from pages (like you and Eggs Rank and Innosflew and Gerudo Dragon and Stevo have). I haven't tried to censor people because they disagree with me (like you have). If you don't want a variety of viewpoints to be represented on the wiki, why don't you make that known on the front page?

      It's extremely sad to see the desperate lengths you'll go to just to shut down opposing viewpoints. This is the exact thing that DP has spoken out against on multiple occasions. I hope that you'll realize that sooner or later, but at this point, it's clear that maintaining an echo chamber is more important to all of you than actually being intellectual, rational, or skeptical.

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    • Common reasons why a bureaucrat needs to go:

      • They suppress opinions they don’t like, e.g. by deleting discussions and blocking users who criticize them
      • They block users without warning and for unacceptable reasons
      • They refuse to talk about what they could be doing better
      • They set unreasonable rules for other users but don’t stick to the rules themselves
      • They keep reverting perfectly good edits
      • They create a hostile, unproductive atmosphere on the wikia

      My opinions have been suppressed simply because other staff members disagree with them.

      Eggs Rank blocked me without warning yesterday, and the staff's entire mission for the last several days has been to get Wikia to block me. Nobody has given me a warning. Nobody has even spoken to me about this except the founder, and his opinion on the matter is that I should be allowed to stay. He is only trying to get me banned because the some of my fellow admins are constantly bothering him about my presence.

      Like I said, all of the people who want me gone have refused to talk to me about what I have done wrong, despite the fact that I have reached out to all of them at least once.

      Dozens of my edits have been repeatedly reverted, once again despite the fact that nobody will explain to me why they find my edits so reprehensible.

      Several bureaucrats have been nothing but hostile to me since I returned to the wiki. Reverting my edits and deleting my pages is extremely unproductive.

      This is a plainly transparent attempt to silence me, and if Wikia actually upholds its own rules, then there are no grounds whatsoever to justify banning me.

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    • I will not bend to the tactics of these petulant bullies. I will not be intimidated off of the wiki. I will not have my opinions silenced by a wiki that used to be a bastion of free speech.

      If I ever break one of Wikia's rules, I will completely understand if I am banned. However, I suspect that day will never come. I am careful to observe Wikia's rules, unlike some of my fellow admins.

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    • Hello all. I'm going to handle this on the wiki itself. You'll be able to follow the conversation by checking my wall.

      For now, I am closing this thread.

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