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    22:36, January 30, 2016

    You wrongly blocked me for accusing *TheMagicalWizard* for swearing on chat. I gave him evidence! Ask him if I did and you'll get the answer of "yes". I did it in his private message so you can't really see the message. If you need the evidence, just ask me to give you the link.

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    • All you have shown to the site staff is that you just want to cause drama and get attention instead of solving a problem. Context is important; the profanity Wiz said in that screenshot was months old and in a private message where no rules against profanity are set. 

      You will serve your block and learn from this. Any future cases will result in an even longer ban without warning and so forth.

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    • I'm not trying to get attention! I let it come at it's time. And I didn't take the screenshot. I found it. I didn't know it was in private message until Wiz told me earlier today. And shouldn't PM also be a zone with rules to protect the minds of children who are lying about their age and actually know how to use private message? I'm not saying that I am underage, but it would be safe for underage users. Like, say my younger sister made her own account without knowing about the 12- year age restriction or any kind of major profanity(She watches Jacksepticeye), someone says it, she repeats it in real life and gets in trouble.

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    • PM is rule-free, save for cases where the PM/its content is unwanted by the recepient. If it is revealed in the PM that a user is breaking a Wiki rule, it can be reported.

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    • I'm gonna use logic but, if PM is a rule free zone, that would also mean people from any age can use it. You wouldn't be breaking any rules at all. If there's one rule in PM, then there should be another rule. No profanity. And I think you should restate your message.

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    • The account being underaged is a rule break outside of PM. It's quite evident that all you're doing is trying to get a staff member in trouble to possibly get a staff position. 

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