• Hi LoveRobin,  we haven't met.  I'm Philippe, and I'm part of the Wikia Community Support team.  I just had a quick curiosity question for you.  On the staff blog post about the new userrights ( you expressed support for the 24 hour block option, because of a community where you are the sole admin but there are constant attacks.  I found myself wondering why that community would not just create more admins?  It seems to me that if there is a community under attack, the most scalable solution would be the social one: creating more admins, not creating a one-off technical solution, but I'm sure I'm missing something, so I'm here to ask you... what am I missing?  :-)  You can reply here or on my wall, I'll be watching both places.  Thank you!  

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    • This is an interesting situation. [chuckle]

      The community of Pooh's Adventures, about fan-generated mashup web videos primarily starring Winnie the Pooh crossovers into other franchises, are mostly Special Needs individuals. Their tendency to frequently squabble and bicker then participants message me to block this one and that one for mainly "just because" reasons shows they are not proper candidates for administrative capacities. Sometimes I issue 1-3 hour "Chill time" blocks to all involved. Like a rolled-up newspaper. lol.

      I joined the wikia about 2 years ago when it was beset with coordinated vandals of the Vulgar/Shock image posting variety. Some in CC may even recall one of them, ZackLEGOHarryPotter, hourly posting panicky Help us! messages all over every admin and leader-type Community walls. And blocking him for it. His disability made it difficult for him to both comprehend the complexity of navigating VSTF and waiting for responses. Which were growing longer and longer and only further panicking him. But I have an autistic daughter, so I know how to communicate with them.

      When the PA admin/crat returned from his "sabbatical" break from the demands of the wikia, he gratefully promoted me, popped back in about a week later, and never seen him there since.

      With my consistent presence the worst of the Vandals were routed and pushed back to only occasional raids, and stepped up trolling.

      With my help, Zack has been learning to be calmer and to deal with the trolls and vandals. He's greatly improved from the days when any new contributor making even legitimate changes like grammar and spell checks were considered Trolls to be Blocked. It's taken a couple years of patience to get him to this point, all so long as I can pop in at least daily.

      Of the entire wikia he is the closest to a Community Leader aside myself—and I'm mainly there for Maintenance and "Police Actions", keeping things running smoothly. All the rest respect him and he acts as my "deputy".

      To bolster and encourage his progress as well as "legitimize" his "authority" to the community and trolls I gave him a masthead label of "Admin-in-Training" and was able to entrust him with Rollback. But I don't feel him ready for Full Admin Tools. He'll likely abuse them initially. Which is why this new Content Moderator "Jr Admin" group will be welcome. It grants him a few additional tools I feel him ready to handle.

      All I could ask for now is a limited Blocking tool. Enough to give him a way to take immediate action without being able to go overboard.

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    • Oh, also, nice to meet you. Sorry I blew past that before

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    • A pleasure to meet you as well.  Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed and thoughtful response.  I feel like I understand your perspective more than I did before. :)

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    • Thank you. Dealing with that community is a labor of love and patience, especially since I really don't know or get involved with the videos they produce. Apparently many of the internet consider them horrendous, and thus the malicious pushback from vandals. Fortunately circumstances saw me taking control of a dA Hate Group to moderate them down to just an "Against" group simply voicing their dissatisfactions instead of organizing their own raids. Saved them from deletion by dA mods.

      At any rate, promoting from within the Pooh community is unlikely anytime soon. Someone from outside the group joining me is unlikely considering how wearisome the demands can get. Best I can hope for is the couple of VSTF who pop in when I'm away for longer than usual and attacks heinous, and they tend to only block for a couple days or weeks at a time unless a Global is warranted.

      I understand there are coding issues concerning a limited or "qwik-block", but seems to me that by defaulting it with a couple of time-lengths as well as "notify Admin", it should be doable. I'd think there is probably a css solution, but my creative coding doesn't extend that deep.

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