• Thanks for willing to can come and take a look and deal with galleries-it's a frustrating mantinence.

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    • I have traveled vast regions of unknown cyber space for many years, I have seen a lot.

      On the wikia multiverse their are wikias that have been dead for many many years when nothing was wrong with them, they where perfectly healthy, and in their prime, and yet still they have just died.

      I have seen my career in roll playing die with no explanation as to how it lost its fan base, no knowledge of how to improve it, no way of knowing if it is even still liked.

      I have seen countless billions of people in the real world swarming across the road each day, becoming so crowded its given me ptsd from the shear might of the population of the world, but online in the parts of the internet that matter most, it is possible for one in their usual routine of internet exploration to forget their are other people out their, and become convinced they are the only people in the world.

      I have met many people online, some who have shared their historic adventures, one who invented the wikia runescap, and it was big, then died, and then started thdf, it was big, then it died. They are now a chat mod on HN.

      I have invented many sci-fi races who had the potential to become as popular as Godzilla, and the world will never hear of them.

      I was once a youtuber, but I am to honorable to noble to surrender to the filth of google plus, and willingly became extinct rather then to be enslaved.

      I have seen the wonders of D.A. but do not have the technology to compete with the best.

      Now I meet you, and learn of your wikia. No matter the skills to survive you have lets hope the dice roll in our favor. Lets see how long this last. Today is the beginning or the abortion of the birth of a great destiny if we survive, and we must do so together. A community can only survive with 2 or 3 gathered, when the numbers grow to few, the end is inevitable.

      I hope to expand a great empire, I will show you all the members I still know. Together we will grow in strength, until our potential to effect life on the internet as we know it can no longer be denied.

      Will you be willing to help the legacy continue?

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    • Okay!!! ^_^

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    • I will show you many of the places in the universe I have settled, though I am mostly nomadic. Most of these places by now we packed up and left.

      While it is still hear, a very very few places to celebrate this year.

      But for last year, I only choose one.

      And that is the best of where to find me, and the current people I know. Yet continually those who I give coordinates still don't always make it.

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    • ????

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    • Do you wanna come

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    • I'm already their. If you want to talk directly come hear.

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    • A FANDOM user
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