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    On the Yandere Simulator wikia I can't add photos from my computer to the article. I go to "Media" and everything but when I pick the photo to upload it gives me this generic picture, as seen in my screenshot that I somehow managed to get here. I've looked up a few quick things but none of those problems that other people have are like mine. What do I do? I really need to update the pictures on the page I'm focusing on.

    Edit: Right after I post this I'm able to upload photos. Okay, but how do I prevent or fix this in the future? This is the second time it's happened and then got fixed some minutes later.

    Edit 2: It happened a third time, but less than a minute after it fixed itself without me doing anything special.

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    • What happens if you actually upload the images? It is possible it is just the preview function that is broken. If appears to be a larger issue than just the preview function, then contact staff.

      There have been a lot of recent reports about issues with uploading/editing but most don't give much information. It is possible that this may be an intermittent server issue. I know a while back, Fandom has an issue with one of their regional image servers. I am not saying that is what is going on now. I am just saying that kind of stuff happens.

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    • Special:Upload is a viable option as well if the VisualEditor doesn't work properly.

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    • Just to clarify, use the Special:Upload page on your wiki; not the one here on Community Central.

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