• Hi, I was wondering if I could suggest an edit to one of the new gaming footers, Template:FooterRPGGames? I made a draft at Template:FooterRPGGames/draft. It preserves the overall layout, give or take a few pixels, but with some minor improvements:

    • HTML id="wikia-rpg-games-footer" so local admins can do CSS to it if necessary
    • Max-width so it doesn't get too stretched in Monobook wide screens (no difference in Wikia skin)
    • Nested divs instead of nested tables for layout (accessibility, and won't overflow small windows or containers)
    • Image alt texts (accessibility)
    • Hide Yuna & Geralt in mobile skin (Mobile skin was making them tiny anyway)
    • Non breaking spaces and hyphens inside links (only break after bullets)
    • Magically hide bullets at end of line (also straightens up the right margin)

    If you like, I could also work up drafts for the other new gaming footers.

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    • I noticed the link to one of the wikis was broken, so I boldly volunteered that wiki's main page to test the draft as a real interwiki transclusion. See it in action at The Gamer's Alliance main page (prev) (talk).

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    • Given how templates are handled that live on Community Central, sites can already adjust the footer to suit their needs via CSS, though I appreciate the effort.

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    • I'm pretty sure sites can't add alt text to images with CSS, or turn table elements into div elements with CSS, or unbreak that TGA link with CSS.

      That aside, is there something specific wrong with the draft? I only see improvements. Would starting a forum discussion be helpful?

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    • Actually, never mind.

      I found a big problem in my draft, so I'm going to blank it and keep working on it in user space. Sorry about that.

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    • No worries ;) As far as CSS goes, however, we've already had communities - Destiny comes to mind - that have tweaked it via css to suit their needs.

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    • A FANDOM user
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