• I see you removed the scroll box, but what if the footer gets extremely long. I added a scroll box because the Music Hub footer also has it.

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      I thought that my edit summary addressed this well enough, but here it is again: If a wiki thinks it is too long, they are free to add the scroller on that wiki.

      I don't specifically recall if there are any wikis in the footer who already use scrolling sections for the footer, but I know for a fact that there are several wikis in the footer who already use a collapsible section to address that very concern.

      Adding a scroller by default is alphabetically discriminatory towards the 61 wikis in the footer after F.

      I am not involved with the Music Hub footer, so the decisions made regarding that footer do not concern me, and there is no reason for decisions made regarding one footer to be applied to an unrelated footer.

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